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Monday, August 16, 2010


I wrote this blog originally last June 2010, more or less 2 months ago. I posted this in my Facebook page since I don’t have a blog site then. Read carefully, especially mga girls, may lesson to! =)

I like receiving gifts. I like being surprised. So when I was younger, I imagined that my husband would be the kind to shower me with little gifts on special and even simple occasions.

Our 2nd wedding anniversary & my 26th birthday is coming up in days and I doubt Poy has thought of a gift or is even planning to get me one (but if he reads this, it may put a bit of pressure on him haha).

It is not unoften that I have to tell him what to get me for my birthday, which he was more than willing to get. But then, being the girl who loves surprises, it removes the thrill of guessing what a gift wrapped package could contain. The thrill of being figured out is taken away. I used to have tantrums about it. My bibi could hardly figure out what’s wrong when he got me what I wanted and yet I’m not happy.

Poy: (pabulong) “lukring ata tong napangasawa ko, binili ko na nung shoes na gusto nya, galit pa din”
Nani: “may sinasabi ka?”
Poy: “wala bibi.sorry na nga po e.pero bakit ka ba nagagalit?ayaw mo ng kulay?papaltan natin?ganda db bi,pink?”
Nani: “ang panget!kulay bading!hmmp!”
Poy: “bi di ba ikaw nagsabi na either pink or violet gusto mo.sorry na po.papapaltan ko ha?”

But well in fact, it was really me who requested for pink running shoes. Hay gulo ko!

It took me a while to finally accept that, that is the way he was. But when I finally did, I also realized that he has other gifts which are as precious as huge surprises. I think of the million times he would fetch me from office and brought me home just to make sure I am always safe. I remember how he would cook good meals for me, wash the dishes, wash and iron our clothes and still manage to massage me after. I’d remember how much money & effort he put into our wedding & honeymoon preparations. And most of all I will never forget the day when he gave me our little princess Mimay and those sleepless nights that he bear just to tap Mimay & Mamee Nani to sleep. I think of the many times he would wash Mimay’s feeding bottles after his 10 hour work in the office. I’d remember every single sacrifice he has done just to see me not only smiling but very happy.

I now know that Poy may never be the fancy gift-giver / surpriser (whatever you call it) I imagined my partner to be. I had to remove expectations that are contrary to what he is as a person. I have come to learn that his love is not the kind that can be wrapped in fancy crepe paper and tied with a silver bow. Now I content myself in knowing he would give the world and stars just to please me and make me feel so much loved.

Oh devah serious? =) Another lesson to digest for ladies out there na super mag expect sa mga jowa nila. There are many other gifts your guy may have given you already which you don’t appreciate because you are expecting more. Wag ganun! Bad un! ;p

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