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Saturday, August 28, 2010


that's the "no-bilbil" nani!
While browsing my Multiply pictures, I get to see those “slimmer” photos of yours truly. Na-depress na naman ako =( I feel so uuurgh FAT now! But don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m regretting the life I have today, I will never feel that way. I super love my “mag-ama”, they are my life. I will never be unhappy for what happened to my body after giving birth to Mimay, It’s just that, I miss wearing my 2 piece! Haha lalim ng reason no?

Well, it’s basically because of the scar brought by the CS operation (hindi ako bikini cut, since hindi nga planned na CS ang lola nyo, my OB doesn’t bother to ask me during my labor. Anyway, I wouldn’t bother to respond din naman coz all I care about is matapos na ang paghihirap ko that time!) and the stretch marks brought by my pregnancy. No matter how much Palmer's Cocoa Buttercream I put into my tummy, it’s still here screaming out loud! Sabi nga ni Poy, sign of motherhood daw. Ok fine! E bakit mga daddy walang sign of fatherhood? Daya!

Below are some of my photos then, mag- reminisce na lang ang pwede kong gawin ngayon =)
hhhmm wondering if husband can still carry me this way without him having backpain ;p
For now, I’m religiously doing everything to bring back the confidence (at least!) within me. No rice, limit the sweets intake and syempre threadmill to death! At least I can wear even a one piece swim wear, I’m ok na with that. Also I want to look good for my husband, he deserves it. Tamad na nga asawa nya, mataba pa. Parang parusa naman yun kay Poy db? =) And of course to our dear Mimay, so that she’ll be proud of her mamee someday.

But honestly, I have no regrets even If I will not regain my old shape. Motherhood is a gift. It’s an opportunity and a great blessing from the Lord. Not everyone can get to experience the joy of being a mother. I will be forever grateful for having our Mimay.
the pregnant me :)

***I have tons of photos pa sana to post kaya lang it's in our PC in Pinas =(

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