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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Few days back, during one of our regular morning video chatting, I noticed Mimay was a little cranky. She’s very biba in front of the PC pero that day she was really not in the mood. Then the next day, she’s again grouchy! Parang may menstruation ang dalaga namin! I let it pass for some days, pero we noticed she’s becoming impatient talaga every time we’re on Skype. Sometimes she’s just active for like 5 minutes only (like nung Friday, super dance sya) then ayaw na makipag-usap. She was just staring at us with no emotion in her eyes. I was sooo depressed. Feeling ko Mimay’s not happy and excited anymore to see her parents.. (hay nani how praning can you get?)

When I arrived at the office this morning, I found myself silently crying in my table. I felt very hurt. It’s so painful just merely thinking our baby is not anymore excited to see her mamee and dadee in Skype. This is the price we have to pay for working abroad and it hurts so bad that I want to go back to Pinas =’(

I have never sought more in my life, but at this time, I just wished we were ultra rich so that me and Poy didn’t have to be away from Mimay to work and earn more.

“I just pray ineng, that someday, when you come across this blog, you’ll know how much Mamee loves you. We are sacrificing so much just to give you the best life and the future that you deserve. We love you so much Mimay! I love you very very very much. I hope you know and feel that even though we are miles away from you. I love you so much ineng that I am willing to swallow the pain of not being with you. I love you endlessly that I am more than willing to forgo of my own happiness of not being with Naynay, Tito, Ninang Selo, Ninong Dong, Tatay, Wowa, Mama, Ninang Nini and Lola Pe just to be here in Dubai to earn for your needs and education. ABABU Jemimah Philisse and I will never stop telling you that.”
"Ababu" for Mimay means "I Love You"

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