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Friday, August 27, 2010


I was uberly touched by last Tuesday’s message in our church service. The topic was “Jesus values Marriage”. It was very refreshing for married couples like us. So what’s with the title? Later you’ll find out.

For now, let me share to you some of the pointers that we learned to preserve a happy marriage/bf-gf relationship.

1. Have a God centered relationship. The platform you base your marriage on is very vital. This is indeed the most important lesson I learned about relationship. Let God influence the love you have for each other. Based on our own experience, promise, everything is so smooth and peaceful kapag anjan si Papa Jesus! Always prioritize to go to the church, pray, and read the bible TOGETHER.

2. Sensibly accommodate small things which might be poisonous. There will be small issues along the way in any normal relationship. That is ok as long as you know how to communicate it with your partner. Umpisa pa lang pag-usapan na. Don’t let simple issue aggravates. Sabi nga nila, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” (Pero kapag antok na talaga, ipagpa bukas na lang haha.)

3. Be careful with your words and actions. Nagging is a big no no in any relationship! Sino ba naman ang matutuwa sa bungangerang asawa? Since it is but normal to sometimes argue, try your best not to speak any hurting words that you will regret after. And also, NEVER as in NEVER physically hurt your partner. You may say, “nahataw ko sya kasi inis na inis ako!” Still, it’s not proper. You will eventually get use on doing it. Makakasanayan na and you will treat it as a way to release your stress or anger. It will destroy the respect on both parties.

4. Always keep things interesting. A good example is to still go out on dates with your partner. This will avoid the dullness in the relationship. Surprise your partner once in a while. It’s not the perfection of a surprise that matters but the affection that goes along with it.

5. ME time. Always make an effort to look good to your partner. Hindi porke jowa mo na eh hayaan mo lang na jonget ka na din. Don’t give a reason to your partner to eye for a more attractive man or woman.

6. Never bring up mistakes of the past. Once you have already forgiven you’re partner, learn to forgive and most especially forget. Wag paulit ulit. It will just ignite WORLD WAR, I bet you!

7. Compliment you partner. In short maging bolero/ bolero! =) It will motivate you to look, smell & do well every day. Tell him/ her how good your partner

These are just some of the million pointers that couples need to understand and faithfully follow.

So now, what’s with the title? Well it is from a sister in our church. During her testimony, she said that her marriage with her husband is quite rocky. She keeps on praying that “Sana ako naman ang mahalin nya”. Di ba it’s very striking? Why would a wife pray that hopefully her husband would love her? Naiyak ako. I felt pity for her.

Her testimony made me realize more that I am really blessed to have a very healthy married life. It is really indeed a blessing. I would never trade my husband for any one and anything else in this world. I love him deeply in spite of his flaws and corny jokes. I have never thought of praying the same thing because I feel that I am a completely loved wife with a very wonderful husband.

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