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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Eversince Poy and I became a couple, we never celebrate our birthday without each other. We always make it a point to enjoy the day together. But that is not until this year 2011. If you remember last June, I celebrated my birthday alone while I was on my way to Philippines for vacation. We were supposed to celebrate the day in HK because it was our wedding anniversary too. But due to his work duties, Poy wasn’t able to come with me. I felt really bad that time.

And today, it’s hubby’s birthday naman and we are not together again on this occasion. Nakaka-sad. Feeling ko I’ve had enough already when Poy and I weren’t together on my last birthday/3rd yr wedding anniversary, pati pala on his birthday di pa rin kami magkasama.

But on a happy thought, we have already planned what we will do as a post birthday celebration when I arrive in Pinas. Pero secret muna hehe. Lagi na lang secret eh. That’s because I don’t want to jinx it anymore. If I speak too soon kasi, I notice nauudlot sya. Don’t worry, I’ll share it pag tapos na :)

Happy happy birthday! I can’t wait to see you. I miss you so much! I hope this will be the last time that we are not together celebrating our birthdays. Bawi ako paguwi ko mahal ha? Happy birthday! Hope you like the cake.

Love lots,

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  1. happy birthday to your hubby Poy sis,di bale at least you have something to look forward to paguwi mo.happiness na ulit sa mga upcoming celebrations :)