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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hello guys! I’m back!

I have so many kwento but first, allow me to breathe and savor the first day of work after the long weekend. We had 4 days off! I loveeeet sobra! I had a hard time getting up from the bed this morning. Gusto ko pa matulog! But since that’s not possible, happy thoughts na lang para ganahan ako to go to work.

We had a super fun weekend! I feel so refreshed and recharged. As soon as I finish collating the photos, I will immediately share ‘em all here. I haven’t posted anything yet in my FB too, super relax mode lang talaga ako in that 4 days. But sadly, Mimay had fever so we weren’t able to go out anymore on the last day. But still all in all, it was a fun long weekend!

Let me share to you one of my favorite snap in our trip to Jumeirah. Mimay’s really a big girl now.

Just may I add, did you know that I gained 2.5 kgs since Friday?! Ang OA grabe! Ayoko na nga masyado isipin pero ang hirap eh. Feel na feel ko, ang sakit! Dito oh (points out to heart). Well, I have no one to blame except for myself. Kinareer ko talaga ang paglamon hays. I need to crash diet, now na!

Osha ciao for now! Tapos na pala lunch break namin haha!

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  1. Sarap naman kasi talaga kumain! hehehe! Ako nga mag start mag 3 day diet bukas e.