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Saturday, November 19, 2011


In case you don’t know, I’m a super mababaw person. Simple things make me happy. Picturan mo nga lang ako, masaya na ko eh. Yes, ganung level of shallowness. My husband ofcourse knows that. If he feels I’m bored or sad, he’ll immediately take me to mall, do our grocery, eat out or he’ll get me a new blouse or a new nail polish then after a while, I’m on my happiest again.

I remember during our bf/gf days, there were times na I’m not in the mood for no reason. Poy knows na what to do. He’ll just bring me to a photo studio and that would surely give me a big smile na.

And with that, I wanna show you some of the super simple things that’s making me happy nowadays.

Mogu Mogu
My current favorite drink. My friend Carl introduced this to me 2 months ago and I’m hooked since then. I’m drinking it every single day. Mogu mogu is a flavored drink (my fave is strawberry and lychee) with chewable nata de coco.
My CHEAP earrings
You will not believe that this lovely pair of earrings only costs me AED 30 or Php 360. Fab find!

My pretty ring from Som
An Indian friend/officemate gave me this pretty ring because she thinks that its suits my personality. I loveeet! Just never mind my hands, I have the ugliest hands and feet ever.  

My new Lacoste bag
It’s roomy and it’s red, need I say more? :)

And lastly, Dong’s ‘PROM night theme’ birthday celebration
Last night we celebrated our friend’s birthday in a slightly unique way. I will show you our photos soon!! We were all dolled up and it was so fun seeing all our boys in tie! =) I’ll surely make a separate blog post about this.

The birthday boy.

That’s Jay, Carl, me and my Poy. Hubby looks so yummy last night.

The 214 girls with the birthday boy Dong. Cheers!

… And all that made Mamee Nani really happy =)

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