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Saturday, November 26, 2011


So sorry for not updating you guys with what’s up with me lately. Just been really busy with tons of things. Husband already left last Tuesday night going to Philippines and all by myself ang drama ko here sa Dubai. Glad my 214 friends are here, so yes I am coping. Pinapakain kasi nila ako haha!

Ang bagal ng araw for me for the past days, I am so dying to see my Poy, our Mimay, my siblings, my whole family and friends in Pinas. I wanna go home!! It’s so hard to be alone here. Wala ko majutusan!! Lol! Ngaun ako lahat, I wash my clothes, iron them, I prepare my food (food ba matatawag ang fried hotdogs and eggs?), and everything else more. Mahirap pala. Hindi joke. I miss Poy hehe.

Husband brought my lappy to Pinas and I sold my iphone in Dubizzle hence my zero post for almost 1 week. Lost na lost ako sa cyber world for the past week. I do check my email and FB once in a while lang sa office.

But now I’m back! With my new baby! Isn’t she gorgeous like the owner? Naks! 

My new baby deserves a blog, this will surely be one of my most unforgettable phone ever because it comes with a super memorable story that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Unforgettable nga eh, ang gulo ko no? Ika nga ni Lyn, kumpleto na talaga ang Dubai experience ko haha! But nevertheless, hangsaya saya ko! Thanks hubby for this! I love yah! I don’t actually have plans of buying a new phone, ok pa naman yung 3GS ko but I got a BB for Poy as my birthday gift for him, so ayun I asked him ako din bibili ng new one. Eh di ba, sabi nga ni Mommy Fleur, walang matigas na asawa sa babaeng nanlilisik ang mata? Oh ayan, we both have new fones now haha!

Also, another blessing has come for me. I’m so excited to share it to all of you kaya lang bawal muna (na naman??!!). Eh basta mahirap kasi mag labas ng information now. Tsaka na pag nakauwi na ko sa Pinas para wala ng issue ;)

My visa cancellation is under process as of the moment. I shall get all my documents on the 30th. And if ever there will be an available flight for me on Wednesday, I’ll be flying back to Philippines the same day. Hopefully meron, so that I can rebook my ticket. But if not, I’ll be in Pinas on December 1st week, that’s for sure! =)

It feels so good to be back in blogging. Seeeee you guys in a bit!


  1. nu iphone yan nani? 3gs lang saken now nde ku naman maxado ginagamit kze sinsira ku muna si lappy :D hehe

  2. gorgeous phone sis,kasing gorgeous ng owner! :)