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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Just like what I have told you in my previous post, my family and I will be settling back to Philippines this month and as much as I want to share the full details about it, I need to kept mum. Bawal pa ishare now eh. But if we’re super close, you might probably know the blessing already. But  don’t worry, I know in time I will be able to share it to all of you. Promise. Pero unahan ko na kayo, hindi po ako buntis kaya kami uuwi. Mukha lang buntis, lol! ;p
So with that, we hosted a despedida dinner in our flat last weekend, days before Mimay & naynay left. The dinner’s theme is ‘Pink & Orange’. I personally picked this colors simply because Mimay loves pink & my mom loves orange. And infairness, the combi is not bad ha! The pictures turned out to be very happy and colorful.
We had simple menu for our friends. Poy’s the one who prepared everything except for the Manchurian and leche flan. I’m one lucky wife to have a husband who really cooks well.

Vegetable Manchurian with garlic dip – my very own veggie version of meat balls which is made of finely chopped & grated cabbage & carrots. You’ll not noticed it’s veggies! Healthy and they said, well, yummy too!

Stir Fry Noodles – Chinese noodles with olive oil stir fry with veggies.

Fried Rice – fried rice with my fave ingredient, sweet corn! Got this idea from my friend Lyn. It’s delicious!

Sweet Chili Chicken –  Marinated chicken fried to perfection then toss with sweet chili sauce, easy!

Lechon Kawali – pampa highblood! Nyummy!
Chicken Macaroni Salad – this is hubby’s specialty. My ultimate favorite! I can eat this everyday. Macaroni noodles with shredded chicken breast, mayonnaise, pineapple chunks, carrots, white onions, raisins & cheese. Sarap!

Leche Flan – creamy dessert made by my mommy.
Orange Juice – since Pink & Orange nga ang theme, I was thinking of orange juice and strawberry juice as drinks. The problem is I didn’t find strawberry juice in the grocery, kaya ayan Orange na lang hehe.

Aside from our 214 family, my CMS Pinay officemates came to join the fun too. There’s Ms. Jazz, Ate Maria, Gelay Cel and Ate Rose. Carlo, Cel’s bf, made habol also from his basketball game. Guys thank you so much for this wonderful night of chikahan and lafangan with you! Love yah all!
There’s ofcourse my Alcantara/Paunlagui family. They were our first family in Dubai. They have accepted us warmly and we can’t thank them enough for everything. Love ko kayong lahat, forever yan! Tagos na tagos! J Thanks for not coming late, first time hehe.
And lastly, there’s our ex-101, now 214 family. It was so cute of them changing their shirts before dinner para nasa theme lang talaga haha! Hay love na love namin kyo 214! Words are not enough to let you all know how we appreciate everything. Tsaka na muna ang farewell message. Ayoko umiyak puhlease =)  
There was no drama that night. It was purely fun fun fun! And that’s how we want it. Because in true friendship, there will be no goodbyes.

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