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Sunday, November 20, 2011


I know, I know this one is a super duper mega over late post! I am deeply sorry guys. And for you sweet ladies who are asking how our long weekend went last EID, this is for all of you! :)

Day 1: Church, Fun City, MM’s birthday and Bowling
The whole morning was spent in our church, lunch in Popeye’s then off we went to Reef mall to get Mimay & Naynay’s red outfit for MM’s bday celebration later that night.

Then we went to Fun City for Mimay’s slide & play time.

While inside Fun City, we bumped with my good friend Leila and her family. Finally nagkita din si Mimay and Austin! Austin’s one handsome boy!

From Reef mall, we headed home to take some afternoon nap. By 7pm we attended the 1st birthday bash of MM, the unico hijo of Tita Lou and Mark, at Popeye’s.

It’s Car’s theme hence the RED uniform of the guests. I don’t have a close up shot of our Mimay that night, but you have to see her tight red jeggings. She looks really hot in it haha!

The Rentoy family. Happy bday MM! We all love you!

Right after the party, we all headed to Dubai Bowling Centre in Abuhail. That was roughly around 11pm already.
Sharing to you some of our snaps during that night. I missed bowling! It’s one of my fave activity back in college days.

 Day 2: Jumeirah Village and Jumeirah Beach
Morning of day 2, everyone in 214 were all busy preparing for our outdoor trip later that afternoon in Jumeirah. We went first to Jumeirah Village and had a mini sportsfest. Girls played basketball, badminton and volleyball while boys are incharge of grilling the hotdogs and the pork belly. Girls in 214 are (rotten) spoiled haha!

My favorite photo that afternoon.

But since we are nice girls too, we let the guys in the court as well.
And ofcourse, there’s Dino-May love team! I super love this shot. Gusto ko ipa tarpaulin paguwi sa pinas haha! They look good together. Parang Young Love Sweet Love lang, what do you think? ;)

We all went to Jumeirah Beach after dinner. Everyone opted to swim in the beach by evening time, we all hate the sun eh. While swimming, Mimay kept on sticking out her tongue to taste the water. Ang alat daw haha! Naynay super enjoyed the experience too. It was their first time in Dubai beach.

Our Dubai family is getting bigger and bigger! Wala pa sina Mareng Joy here. We’ll surely miss all of them!

We capped the night and leave the beach at past 11pm. Mimay was super bangenge in the car on our way home.

Day 3: Global Village
We had the whole morning to rest and sleep. Jumeirah day was definitely a tiring one but very worth it. The afternoon of Day 3 was spent in Global Village. It is a theme park in Dubai featuring rides, games and amusements. GV also showcase pavilions of different participating countries from around the world.

On our way to GV. The last time Mimay and Naynay to ride Dubai’s metro.

Upon reaching Dubailand, Mimay was overjoyed seeing all the rides, then I realized, we haven’t brought our daughter in Enchanted Kingdom hence her ‘first time ecstatic reaction’ in Global Village.

We first had our dinner in a Chinese resto. Naynay’s forever request everytime we will dine out is Chinese noodles. I wasn’t able to take photos anymore because Mimay kept on pulling me so that we can go to the giant ferris wheel. Parang naturukan ng drugs ang anak ko sa excitement!

But you know what, Mimay is super duwag of rides. She just loves trying them if they’re not moving but once gumalaw na yan, she’ll surely scream her lungs out! We tried the mini caterpillar and Mimay was literally shaking but she didn’t cry because I hugged and squeezed her the whole time. Hilong hilo ang lola nyo after, kaloka!
After the ride, Mimay saw a cart selling sweet corn. She pulled my shorts and asked me to buy her some. Hay big girl na si ineng, she knows na how to make pabili.

Then Mimay saw a giant carousel just steps away from us. Biglang naging Elma Muros ang anak ko, takbo talaga sya ng bonggang bongga! So since I’m still not yet over with my caterpillar experience, Poy had to come with Mimay in the carousel. Just merely watching them, sukang suka na ko sa hilo but the happiness in our daughter’s face during the ride made me feel okay afterwards.

Since we still have some tokens left, Poy played in one of the stalls there. The rule is to hit the 3 glasses in one throw and you know what?! Hubby won a Tigger stuffed toy! Mimay was sooo happy!

That same night, maybe due to tiredness and puyat, Mimay had fever. Her temperature reached 38.8°C. We weren’t able to sleep well because we have to watch over her and make sure her temp will go gown. Nakaka guilty sobra.

The following day, the last day of the long weekend, we didn’t go anywhere else anymore. Our daughter needs to rest. Ang galgal kasi namin and we forgot na bata pa si Mimay and she will really get tired of our nonstop activities. Sorry anak! And thank God because after 2 days, Mimay’s back to her old self again. Recharged na ulit ang baby namin.

There goes our long weekend. Family bonding to the highest level. Simple but pure fun!

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