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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I think I have once made kwento here that one of the causes of my chubbyness (di ko pa talaga maamin na “mataba” ang appropriate word hehe) is my abnormal metabolism. I seldom poop. If it weren’t for coffee or tea, I will most probably NEVER poop at all. My body’s weird that way. I eat a lot of fruits naman, I eat veggies and I drink lots of fluids but my bowel movement remained to be not normal. Parang ako lang hehe.

I remember when I had my xray due to back pain, the doctor saw a lot of unflushed dookie inside my tummy. Yuck but true. I cannot believe it at first but the doctor pointed out in the xray print that the black shadow in my tummy part are actually, well, poop. Yuck again!

But since I am now religiously drinking hot tea after every meal, my toilet visit became regular. But but but, here’s the catch. Regular lang sya when I’m in our office’ toilet! What would be the term for that? Instead of ‘namamahay’, ‘nangungubeta’ ganun?! Ang kuleeet!

When we had our 4 days holiday, never, not even once I pooped in our own toilet. I am not feeling well already but no matter how I tried, ayaw talaga. Pero san ka, the very first morning when I came to office, hala taeng tae ako agad! Anubayun?! Weird much!


  1. Wahahaha! Pasensya naman sis, tawang tawa talaga ko sa statement mong taeng tae ka na. Try mo uminom regularly ng Prune Juice and eat ka ng Papaya. =)

  2. hahahahaha :DD natuwa aku don sa nangungubeta nani