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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Exactly 39 days from now and it’s Christmas time again! I am super excited about it because we will be celebrating the holidays as a complete family in Pinas. What can be more bongga than that, right? =)

And now I am even more excited about it because… we already got a Christmas gift for Mimay! Yeyness!

Last night after work, husband and I went straight to Baby Shop to get Mimay her new feeding bottles. Philips Avent is on sale so we took advantage of it. Ay maiba ko, until when ba is the right time for a toddler to drink milk in bottle? I tried to talk to Mimay that she will be going to school very soon and that feeding bottles are not allowed there so therefore, we should toss away her bottles. She agreed but come feeding time, she bawls like there’s no tomorrow because she doesn’t want to drink her milk from a cup. Kakaloka! So last night, we got her only 4 new bottles because starting next year, I will slowly wean her from feeding bottle. Unti unti until she gets used to drinking her milk from a cup. Hay this is something really serious, I know. Mimay seldom eats rice kasi, she’s more into milk. Some kids at her age would sleep na all throughout the night but our daughter is not. She would ask for milk for like 3-4 times until the following morning hence her cavities. Hay.

Going back to the gift, yes we already purchased that slide that I posted here. By the way, thanks to Wie and Mommy Mae for your comments on my post. For Wie, I contacted that seller in and unfortunately, she didn’t respond to my query. And For Mommy Mae, I also like Little Tikes but our budget will only fit in the regular slide of LT unlike this slide set that we got from Baby Shop. Swak na swak sa budget! :)

Prior buying this, I have contacted the airline regarding the allowable dimension of checked-in baggage and this big box of about 52 inches in length and 22 kgs in weight is just right. That means I can bring this to Pinas without charge!

Hi anak,

I hope you will love our Christmas gift for you. I can’t wait to show this to you baby, I’m so excited because I know you’re eyes will pop-out in happiness!

We love you neng! You’re happiness is also our happiness.

Dadee & Mamee


  1. good for you sis,may fab gift ka na for Mimay.ganda! :) ay naku double ang price nyan kung dito sa Pinas.

    Picky eater din si Xian and he's more on milk and bread,goodluck saken pag nag-schooling na sya.