My Total Views! Happy ME =)

Thursday, August 11, 2011


To the wonderful guys, girls and gays who have been part of 26,609 views of this blog for exactly 1 year now, salamat po! =)
To my no. 1 fan, my ever supportive husband, for always liking my posts kahit sya na yung inookray ko at kinekwento sa madlang pipol. Kahit na at first eh feeling ko gusto na nya akong pukpukin ng laptop dahil durog na durog na ang pagkatao nya sa mga blog ko haha! Love u so much my bibi! Thanks for all your antics that brought life to my blog =)

And ofcourse to my inspiration, my dearest, my one & only precious baby, Mimay, you and Dadee are the main reason why I put up this blog. I hope one day, when you come across this blog, you will be inspired with my kwento especially of those about you which is mga 70% ata of this blog. I love sharing stories about you because I am so aliw and hook with you! Parang teleserye lang anak hehe.

It has been a great experience to write & share my stories, may kwenta man o wala. Blogging really helped me a lot in my longing days here in Dubai. Feeling ko nun maloloka ako since I’m miles away from my loved ones. But blogging somehow lessened the pain, nailalabas ko kasi and the people reading my blogs and shooting me encouraging mails made it more easier for me. I felt then, may kadamay ako =)

Thanks for the cheering words that encouraged me to write more. Really a humbling experience to receive all the messages from people I don’t personally know but were inspired by my thoughts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To my new gained friends especially the mommy bloggers, thank you! I am dying to meet you all soon!

I hope you will all keep on dropping by! More blogging years for Mamee Nani! Cheers!


  1. Congrats on your blog anniversary! More blogging years to come, Mamee Nani!

    And yes, I also hope to meet you and cutie Mimay and get a taste of your Poy's funny one liners and trivia. =)

  2. Happy 1st Birthday to your blog Mamee Nani,Cheers! :)

  3. thank u dear mommies! i shall all meet u soon!