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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Yes, after a month of being away from her apo, Naynay’s back in Dubai to permanently stay with us here in Dubai. God is really good for keeping my mom safe all throughout her solo travel from Pinas. She had a connecting flight in Bahrain which made my siblings irk with disagreement at first. But everything went well and smooth. Jet setter na jet setter si mother hehe!

Airport scene. Mimay’s a bit shy here pa.
This is in the lobby of our flat. Mimay’s overly happy na! She kept on staring at her naynay.
Me and Poy are now worry free everytime we leave the house. Our daughter is soundly sleeping in our bed comforted by the thought that she will wait for us with her naynay. Para akong nabunutan ng malaking tinik. Thank you Lord for giving me a very selfless and loving mommy!

Short kwento while we were resting:
Nani: Mi kamusta last night mo sa Pinas? Nagpa despedida ka?
Naynay: Hindi na. Lumabas lang kami, nagdinner kami sa Nuvali ng mga ate mo.
Nani: Sino sino po kayo?
Naynay: Lahat kami. Kuya mo, mga tita mo, sina mama, nini.
Nani: Wow saya naman. San kayo sumakay? Dami nyo pala.
Naynay: Bukod bukod kami sasakyan. COWBOY kami papunta Nuvali.
Nani: U mean convoy?!?!

LOL! Naynay’s indeed back! =)

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