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Sunday, August 21, 2011


After reading Mommy Fleur’s post about her dear Anika’s products, I was stirred to do my own version :) I just hope this will also help all the mom’s out there in picking out the right products for their toddlers.

Yes our Mimay is no longer a baby, toddler na sya hence I am less praning now of what to buy for her personal hygiene needs. Before kasi, I am not allowed to use powder, cologne and lotion for ineng. She’ll get asthma daw like me. But now, I am so free to put anything on her. Kulang na lang pati pepe nya i-wash ko ng lactacyd haha!
our Mimay showing off her kutiks! :)
To start of, I’d like to share the basic bathing products that we use for Mimay. For almost 2 years, we use Lactacyd baby bath for her. I also tried Enfant products once. Then when she first came here in Dubai, we shifted to Sebamed products. It’s a hypo-allergenic, soap-free, baby product line which is highly promoted and recommended here in Dubai. I bought everything from body oil, face cream, body lotion, cologne, baby wash and hand soap. For her first 3 months stay here in Dubai, sebamed is okay. It smells nice too. So when Mimay return back to Pinas with her naynay last February, I bought big sizes of these products which she can use until the time she’ll be back here with us.

When I came for vacation in Pinas last June, I saw the Zwitsal products. I dunno if you have heard of this brand. This was introduced to me by my dearest mother in law. Lola Espie (my MIL) bought a baby wash that she uses when Mimay comes over for a weekend stay with her. It smells so nice! Even after a long day, Mimay’s hair still smells fresh. Usually kasi, if Mimay is not in an airconditioned room and she’ll sweat, lumalaban sa sukang paombong ang amoy nya. Yun ang na-notice ng mommy ko with Sebamed, it doesn’t smell good kapag napawisan si Mimay. But with Zwitsal baby wash, no more asim smell. And what’s better about it? It’s cheap! As in! It’s Php 199 only for a 200ml bottle. Bongga!

I also learned that this is the same brand Poy’s cousins are using for their kids so I became more certain that it’s safe. So with that, I also got Mimay the Zwitsal lotion, cologne, powder and baby wash. So far, I love it. I’ve been using it for almost 3 months now and no signs of any allergic reaction naman with Mimay. So when Naynay came here, I asked her to bring more for reserve.
Na-carried away naman ako, haba na pala ng intro ko. Anyway, eto na talaga yung post ko haha.

Mimay’s bathing essentials:
> Corine de Farme Body Oil – I put this in Mimay’s body before she takes a bath. This is to keep her skin hydrated.
>Lactacyd baby wash – this naman I use to wash Mimay’s face. I thought of using mild liquid soap lang since she develops rashes if I’m using body wash for her face.
>Zwitsal Baby Bath – this I use as her hair and body wash. It’s hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested too.
>Sebamed Baby Wash – this is just left over lang. Sayang naman kung itatapon, so I’m using it as body wash for Mimay at night time.
>Electric tootbrush and Dora Hapee toothpaste – eversince the world began, Mimay’s not fond of brushing her teeth. Hindi daw mapilit ni naynay hence her bulok front upper teeth. So when she came here with us, I thought of getting her an electric toothbrush and so far no more battles na during brushing time. Eto lang ang problema ko, si Dora Hapee toothpaste. Although the packaging says that it has the right amount of fluoride, I know this is still not safe for Mimay’s age. Kaya lang, Mimay will not brush her teeth kapag hindi si Dora ang toothpaste. See my problem?

Here naman are Mimay’s after-bath essentials:
>Corine de Farme Moisturizing Cream – this is to avoid Mimay’s face from drying up. This is the same cream I used when Mimay had heat rashes. Super effective! Bungang araw disappeared right away. 
>OFF Insect repellant – this I put only if we go out so that she will not get insect bites.
>Zwitsal Baby Lotion – body lotion for Mimay. It enhances the smell of the body wash.
> Zwitsal Baby Cologne – mild powdery scent, I love!
>Sebamed Baby Cologne – Mimay’s cologne if I use the sebamed body wash, which usually is bed time. Partner partner dapat :)
>Zwitsal Baby Powder – I put powder to Mimay’s face when we go out, because I firmly believe that “oiliness is next to ugliness!”
>Glycerin Cream – I read from an article in the internet that Glycerine is non-toxic and is very beneficial to any skin type even to baby skin. I put this on Mimay’s feet and knees as moisturizer. I’m sharing this with her. We put this once a day, before we go to bed.
When we go out, I always make sure to bring hand sanitizer and wipes. Especially now at Mimay’s age, dampot dito, dampot doon, subo dito, subo doon. Imagine my horror when one time we’re walking and she touched the ground sabay lick sa hands nya! Kaloka talaga! Tikman daw ba ang lupa??!

 Asar na asar mommy ko sa dami daw ng nilalagay kay ineng. Ang arte ko daw. Well, I know, matagal napo ;) I want Mimay to have nice skin eh, Ms. Universe kaya ang peg ko sa baby ko haha!

Seriously, I believe teaching Mimay (even at her young age) good hygiene habits will not only make her neat and clean but willl prevent her from getting diseases. This is because good hygience affects the health and well-being of a child. So see my point? This is not only because maarte akong nanay. I want our Mimay to develop lifelong habits of good hygiene to keep her healthy and happy always. Yun yon!

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