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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Being a mom to a super dooper over active 28 months toddler, there are times when I feel like I have had enough of her behavior. There are days I am really getting impatient with Mimay’s growing desire for independence. That’s how I describe her kakulitan. She’s growing, curious and wants to try everything on her own at any risks. Nakakaloka that most of the time I get very frustrated. And as much as I want to deal with her tantrums, independence and mess, I am tired too.  I lose my temper. I yell. I get mad. Then after, I feel like I am the worst mom by getting upset with Mimay’s behavior.
Later on I realized, as a mother, I have to learn the art of patience. It is my responsibility to discover it and yes it’s not easy but my love for Mimay will give me the will and powers to do it. I guess it’s normal to get mad and it’s ok to feel tired, but yelling (and slight spanking) is not. I don’t want it to become a practice for me. I have to control my temper and be more patient with her. Patience cannot be learned overnight but God is there to give me strength because I can't do it alone.

I love Mimay so much, she’s our bundle of joy. I will never trade my life to anybody else now that we have her. We love her more than anything, we love her beyond infinity. She can be crazy and wild sometimes but she’s a gift who needs our love, affection, understanding and patience which Mamee Nani and Dadee Poy are more than willing to give.

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