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Saturday, August 27, 2011


As usual, I woke up today with a heavy heavy feeling. I hate going to office on Saturday while all my housemates still snore their heart out. Kainggit sobra.

Anyway, I have a kwento. This morning, as I was on my way to the pick-up point of our coaster service, walang ka-tao tao in our place. Parang ako pa lang ang gising dun sa area namin.

I was standing for 5 minutes in the pick-up area when a car passed by with 6 guys shouting inside. I felt nervous because I am the only person there that time. They all look drunk pa. When the car was like 100 meters away from where I was standing, I was relieved. But to my horror, the car suddenly slows down and made a U-turn! And yes, they stopped and parked right in front of me. I wanted to run but I didn’t because it might trigger them to run after me too. Eh naka kotse sila, so san ako pupulitin nun di ba? Of all days naman kasi, ngayon pa na-late service ko!

The guy seated beside the driver asked me something like “hey how are you?” I said “I’m good.” He looked to his friends and they all laugh. I was so pissed! Sarap sapakin but I know if I’ll do that, malamang eh pinagkakapehan na ko ngayon. The way I see them, it’s either they’re drunk or high with drugs. Katakot talaga. I was stunned for sometime, hindi ko alam gagawin ko eh. I was silently praying as I scoop my phone out from my bag. I remember my friends told me that people here in Dubai are afraid of police especially if nandedehado ng babae. Problem is, I don’t know the number of any police station! Kamote! This guy still kept on asking, “how are you? How are you?” Asar na asar na ko at ninenerbyos at the same time. I answered back asking them “what’s your problem?” And again they all laugh! Nang ti-trip talaga! What I did was, nag drama ko as if I’m calling the police station and reporting them. Ayun natakot nga and they left right away.

My service came after 2 minutes, I was still slightly shaking as I called my Poy and told him everything. He was very mad too. I badly needed to breathe so I told him later na lang ulit kami usap. I received a message from him after a while: “loko mga un,walang magawa sa buhay. Kabadtrip. Next sat bi ihahatid na kita sa umaga.”

All praises to God for keeping me safe and for giving me a very caring husband.

Mula ngayon, pagmulat na pagmulat ko sa morning, I’ll say my prayers na agad. My practice kasi right now is I’m doing my morning prayer when I’m in my coaster na. In my mind kasi, mas comfortable to pray when I’m already in the service. Mali yun. We don’t know what might happen if we we are not under God’s guidance talaga.


  1. hi nani,

    been lurking here for like 2 years now. iám also in dubai and the same thing happened to me last wednesday. mag isa lang yung guy and driving a ford mustang gt. naloka ako sa takot eh.tumambay pa sya sa harapan ng building na pinuntahan ko. akala ko walang ganyan sa bur dubai.

    dial 999 for police, 998 for ambulance and 997 for fire.

    take care.

  2. been here for more than a yr plng & this is the first time it happened to me. thanks aji for the info.thanks a lot! take care too.