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Monday, August 29, 2011


Last Friday after our church service, we went to Taza to have a quick and simple dinner. Taza is an Arabic fast food here in Dubai. Simple menu, laid back ambiance, yummy chicken & fries, freshly oven Arabic bread and perfect garlic dip.  
Naynay and Mimay with their meal

This is the broast chicken meal which we usually order. You’ll get 4 pcs fried chicken with fries, drinks and unlimited bread for only AED 17 (Php 204). Cheap ayt? I have once tried their roasted chicken also but it tastes too tangy for me, I didn’t order it again.

Their Arabic bread is to die for. Perfect with chicken and garlic sauce! I kept on asking for more bread. It’s hot and fresh from their “pugon”.

What’s more good in Taza is that they have a section especially for kids. Mimay super loveeet here! She gets to meet new playmates everytime we dine here. Since most of the bagets are Arabic or English speaking, hindi sila nagkakaintindihan kaya walang away haha!
creepy naman! parang may black lady sa photo hehe

Plus, there’s also a free Playstation!

This is currently our favorite place. Mura & delicious na the food, enjoy pa si Mimay. Look at Mimay’s feet after her playtime, bata talaga! =)
I let her enjoy her freedom as a kid. Nandyan mauntog sa slide, madapa, matapunan ng catsup, sauce and all. It’s okay. Bata eh. She needs that.  

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