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Saturday, April 30, 2011


I came to office today, Saturday, with a heavy heart. I was absent last Thursday due to fever and pharyngitis and I’m still not feeling okay until this morning. I just NEED to come because of tons of work waiting for me. Sigh!

And as expected, my to do list for today including my backlogs last Thursday, filled almost 3 pages of my notepad. Sigh again! I was really feeling low and sick, but that is not until I overheard my officemate in the powder room singing her heart and lungs out.

“I don’t have to say I’m sorry just because of him, I don’t have to tell forever you’ll not understand, believe meeee, believe meee, oh oh!!”

Naloka ako mga ateh! As in pulang pula sya while singing that with all her might!

To ate,
Super thank you! Dahil sa malupit mong lyrics, nawala ang lagnat ko. Hahaha!!!

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