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Thursday, May 19, 2011


…raise your right hand! Pwede mag raise din ng left hand including both feet? Hehe.
Life has been really crazy for me for the past weeks. Ang dami nangyari sobra! How I wanted to share them but got no time at all hence my zero blog post for almost 3 weeks. Thank God everything is slowly falling into place now and hopefully, I’m back in regular blogging again.

I don’t want to go in details anymore, it’ll make me think lang of those sleepless nights for 101 family. What’s important is we are now all moving on and that no matter what happened, we all stick together, showing that our friendship is not only for good times but even more in bad times. Although financially hindi pa kami totally nakaka move on haha! And we are getting sick of KFC, ang hirap ng walang kitchen wheew!
But the best part here is we will soon be transferring to our new home :) Super level up! I’ll be blogging that soon. Watch out for our chuchal crib! We are all very excited for it. Here’s a sneek peak of our empty living room with Bert. Take note, salas pa lang yan ;)
Aside from “smoky” issues in our present flat, I have more issues at work. Just like what I shared here, work is making me totally insane. I couldn’t even find time to have a decent breakfast, lunch and toothbrush break. There are lots of emails waiting for my reply, fax waiting for my confirmation, phone calls from banks, shipping lines, agents, suppliers, clients and team mates bugging me about almost everything. Nakakaloka! And the worst part is, my counterpart who has been in my current department for 3 years went for his annual leave. Kamusta naman yun?! Just today, I had my lunch at almost 2pm already and I didn’t even enjoy it because I had to return back to my table. Management hired an assistant for me to somehow lessen my load, but the problem is I have no time to train her and she’s making me kulit more which is very irritating. Sorry pero lalo ako hina highblood sa kanya. Short kwento: I asked this assistant to make some copies of bank documents through the copier machine. I taught her how to use the machine and even asked her if she can do it na and she said yes. After sometime she remained standing in front of the Xerox copier. Siguro she was there na for almost 10 mins.
Me: Where are the copies?
She: This machine is not working.
Me: Really? Let me see…
I put the papers in the feeding tray and made copies. Ok naman si Xerox machine.
Me: There’s nothing wrong in this machine. It’s working.
She: Ohhh!! I see. I forgot to press the start button!
Nani: deadz!

And again aside from work issues, husband and I are facing this dilemma about his passport. Due to an accident in husband’s company, being the Safety Officer, his passport was on-hold in court for investigation. It has been almost 6 months and the case is still on-going so the chance of getting his passport for our upcoming vacation to Pinas is becoming a little wobbly. The case is not really serious as the cause of death of the deceased employee is accident. But as per Dubai’s court procedure, although husband’s company is willing to pay for the blood money, it will really take time and our vacation is coming in less than 3 weeks. This is currently under prayers and we really claim that everything will be okay before our scheduled flight. Join us in prayer guys.

I have to end this post. Masyado ko naexcite and it’s 2 am already. Goodnight!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. hi mamee nani,glad you're back in blogging! namiss ko magbasa ng mga posts mo.seems like my blog-hopping is not complete kung wala ako nababasa from you.good to know that everything is ok for you and your friends :)

    btw, same work pala hubby natin.he's also a Safety Officer in Oman but he's here in Pinas now after he got a nice job offer pero same line of work pa din naman.shinare ko lang.hehe.TGIF indeed coz you're back! :)

  2. hahaha!!! funny naman yung about the xerox machine!!!