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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last Monday, hubby and I celebrated our first year anniversary here in the Land of Extremes! It’s now been a year since the day me and hubby left our home country to look for a greener pasture. Parang kailan lang, para akong baliw sa airport hanggang sa airplane kaiiyak ng walang humpay. You will not imagine how disastrous I look then. Honestly, I have never dreamed of working abroad. Never in my wildest dreams. But everything changed when we had Mimay. I became praning and worried of her future, of our future as family, hence the decision of coming here in Dubai.   
Hongkong airport, waiting for our flight to Dubai
I just want to praise God for all his blessings to us for the past year of being away from our family. God has always been faithful and kept His promises to us. I remember when we are planning to come here, our family and friends were very much worried because crisis daw sa Dubai. It’s very risky daw. But we believe, in God there is no crisis. True enough, it has been a fruitful and blessed year for me and Poy. 

My endless gratitude to my kumareng Joy for her unselfish love, concern and support to me and Poy. Thank you so so much mare! To my Dubai family and of course to my 101 family for the very warm friendship. Sobrang love namin kayong lahat!

On the sad note, it’s been a year too since we haven’t seen our family. I miss my siblings. I miss my family. I miss all of them so much! 42 days to go... Just the thought of seeing them all soon makes my heart jump in excitement and happiness!
my ate and kuya, they're the best! i miss them much much!
kuya dong (BIL), ate chelo, mommy, ineng, ate jona (SIL), nani & bibi poy
my Quezon family (mom's side)
Again, we bring back all the praises and glory to Jesus! He’s good, all the time!

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