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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Before my blog leave officially starts, let me make a little update about our Mimay’s new career hehe. I was supposed to blog it yesterday but work is eating so much of my time. Currently, system is being updated here in the office, hence I was able to squeeze in this post.

Let me just warn you that although the title says that this is about Mimay’s pictorial, you will not see a single photo here. Hehe patawa no? As much as I want to post all the photos here, not allowed eh. Mimay will be disqualified in the contest. Even before sending nga the photos in my mail, my ate dear cautioned me not to post the photos or else she will kill me. Eh I love my life, so bibitinin ko muna kayo.
Mimay had her pictorial for the Baby Fashionista 2011 last Sunday. The shoot was scheduled at 2pm in SM North Edsa. As usual, my stage family came to support our baby. From my mommy, ate, kuya, bro in law and future sis in law, they are all present to cheer our Mimay. Lucky lucky Nani for having the most loving and supportive family!

According to my sister, kuya and mommy, Mimay was super adorable in her Patriotic and Colorful attire. The photographers and the event organizer were all caught by Mimay’s charm =) And I have to agree not because I’m the Mamee but because she is really indeed A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. Kating kati na talaga ko to show her photos to all of you kaya lang bawal talaga. I saved the photos in my phone and showed them to my closest friends. They all shriek in excitement! Ang kire kire daw talaga ni ineng which is so so true!  

Watch out for the official photos in May. There will be an online votation as well. I will post the details soon!


  1. Can't wait! Good to know there will be an online voting, at least we can all show our support to your Mimay! Sana Johan too can join contests when he's a bit bigger, for now kasi puro photo contests pa lang and hopefully Johan wins dun sa mga sinalihan ko. =) Kaw na! Kaw ng maging stage mom! Heheh!

  2. Wow!!! For sure, makakapasok si Mimay! :D

  3. thank u mommies! johan get ready, ul be next. mommy jhan habang nsa tummy p c baby boy mo orient mo n pr d sya mbigla pag nagjoin n din sya sa kung anerks anerks n contests. haha tyo n! tyo n stage mom!