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Sunday, April 17, 2011


I’m back in blogging, hopefully! I am slowly getting used with my additional workloads and I wish I can squeeze in atleast one blog post a day. Sana sana!

I still have in my draft my post about our pampering day with the 101 girls last Friday. I just haven’t finished it yet but I promise to post it the soonest =)

For now this is my Monday entry. Just like what I blogged here, I have discovered the product that made my skin pimple free and I am loving it to bits! I am a proud Olay fan, I admit. So yesterday, while Poy and I were doing our weekly grocery, we saw the Olay set is on sale again after 3 months! I’m a sucker for sale pa naman tapos Olay pa. If you’ll buy it on retail, the price is almost doubled! So I’m literally palpitating when I saw it. I’m shy to tell husband coz I know we’re on a tight budget this month but I’m just human, very weak when it comes to things like this hehe. So I immediately grabbed the set and showed it to Poy.

Napailing na lang ang asawa ko haha! Naka tipid kaya sya kasi sale =)
I actually have Olay products pa at home, but I’m so obsessed talaga with Olay kaya nag panic buying ako hehe. This is the only product na sobrang hiyang ako. I never get pimples now and I am not wearing my concealer anymore. Less hassle sobra. Nothing can beat a clear skin. Just a dab of powder, cheek tint and lipgloss, I’m ready to face the world. Thanks to Olay!
Calling P&G! You may want to sponsor me at ng iblog ko ang Olay everyday haha!

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  1. hahaha!! ok lang yan...
    Tell hubby, you are maintaining your beauty for him.