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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Our baby girl had her pre-birthday celebration last April 3, a day before her exact natal day. We decided to do it on Sunday so that most of her guests can come and celebrate with her.

The simple celebration was held in Jollibee Caltex Sta Rosa, Laguna at around 4pm. Since we knew beforehand that we can’t join in Skype, we prepared a short message instead. It was read during the program by our dear friends Lady and Jhay C which made the guests and even Jollibee teary eyed. 
Let me post our letter here so that when Mimay can understand things already, she’ll know that mamee and dadee love her dearly and that we are willing to swallow the pain of not being with her (most especially in this very special occasion) just to be able to provide the best future that she deserves.

Mamee’s message:
To my sweetheart Jemimah Philisse,

Happy birthday beautiful! Two years came too fast. Looking at you now, I can’t believe that you’re that once tiny fragile baby in mamee’s arms. You are God’s most wonderful and precious gift to Dadee, Mamee and the rest of the family. I just want you to know baby that you are very much loved because you have brought us immeasurable happiness. You gave our life direction and meaning we’ve never known before.

Happy happy happy birthday (tomorrow) baby! Sorry we couldn’t make it to your party. I’m sure you will have fun. I’m so excited to see you in the skype later during your party. I’ll not cry, promise anak =)

We love you so much neng, sobra sobra sobra. You are everything to us, to me. I pray that you will grow up to be an obedient, kind and God loving person. In 1 year’s time, you will go to school na. Im very much sure you will make us more proud of you. Love you nak! Happy birthday!

Stay charming, pretty and biba!

With so much love,
Mamee Nani

Dadee’s message:
Dear Mimay,

Happy birthday neng.
Sensya ka na kung wala kami ng Mami mo jan ngayon, kailangan namin gawin to for you. We love you so much neng. We are so grateful that we have you as our daughter. No matter how many birthdays come and go, you'll always be our little girl.

We are so glad that God gave us a daughter like you. Happy birthday to our pride and joy. Happy birthday to a wonderful, makulit, matakaw and malikot na bata. You are our one true treasure.
Always remember that we love you so much.
Happy happy 2nd birthday Mimay!

Sa lahat po ng bisita ni Mimay, maraming salamat din sa pagpapasaya nyo kay ineng, lalong lalo na ngayong birthday nya. Sa kanyang mga ninang at ninong, kuya at ate, tito at tita, Naynay, Lolo at Lola sa Majada, sa Calamba, sa Cabuyao at sa Batangas. Thank you very much sa love at pagaalaga nyo kay Mimay. Sana po mag enjoy kayo.

Ate selo at kuya Dong. Maraming maraming salamat po sa pagaasikaso nyo sa birthday ni ineng na kahit sobrang dami nyong schedule, meron pa din po kayong time para dito.

Thank you po uli.
We love you all.

I just pray anak that you will be proud too for having us as your parents. We love you baby!

Let me take this opportunity also to thank our family most especially my ate, kuya dong, kuya dee and mommy for taking care of almost everything. Thank you for your unconditional love to our baby girl. Thank you for accepting and treating her so well. She is so loved and we will be forever thankful for that.

To Inay, Ate Dory, Tupen and the rest of husband’s family in Majada, thank you so much for loving Mimay and for always being there for her.

And to our dearest friends, Melai, Arman, Lady, Eon and Jhayz, sobrang thank you guys! Poy and I we’re talking last night that we are really very blessed for having friends like you. Talagang extended yung love nyo for me to my family and to our ineng. Thank you thank you so much!

Let me share to all of you some of the photos, c/o Ninong Dong, from Mimay’s 2nd birthday sporty party.

 Here’s the birthday girl in her cheer leader attire, so adorable!
Opening prayer by Tito Dennis:
The happy birthday song and blowing of the cake:
The party games:
The party guests. Jollibee party is for ALL ages =)
I love viewing the photos over and over again. It’s just so nice to see all our loved ones gathered together for our daughter’s special day!

Again, happy happy happy 2nd birthday to our pretty baby girl! We love you endlessly! Can’t wait to see you!


  1. happy, happy birthday sa cute na cute na si Mimay! may GOD bless her!!! ♥