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Friday, April 22, 2011


stands for Fun Filled Friday!! 

It was again a fun fun fun Friday for the 101. Together with Len, Lyn, Carl and Jo, we girls spent our Friday off in a very relaxing and tipid way. Instead of going to the spa or salon, which is very expensive here in Dubai, we taught of bringing the salon in 101 instead.
For the hair,                                                                  For the face,
Hair shampoo                                                                  Facial wash      
Hot oil treatment available in the supermarket                    Mud mask
Hair treatment cap                                                           Fresh cucumber
For the feet,                                                                  For the nail grooming,
Pumice                                                                            Mani/Pedi set
Spa salt                                                                           Array of colorful nail polish
Glysolid or lotion
For the nice laugh,
Make sure you have the best and talented set of girlfriends to make sure the session will turn to be a fun and enjoyable one.
Let me share all these photos to you because I want to brag how blessed I am for having these girls =)
cheers to our kakirihans!
hair wash session
hot oil is next
papahuli ba naman ang aming 1 and only bert?
because pink lipstick is our fave!
facial this time
mud mask to rejuvenate our skin
feeling nasa salon talaga ;) lyn is allergic to the mask ;( nki-read na lang sya ;)
getting to that perfect looking skin =)
cucumber to remove our eyebags
doing our own foot spa, me with len
jo with carl, lyn is the photographer =)
it's pedi time!
pati sa manicure session ksama si bert :)
our well manicured hands, we so loveeet!
top L-R: Lyn and Len; bottom L-R: Jo, Carl and Nani
the wacky 101 girls!
It was another perfect Friday for us. 12 hours of kikayness! I super love my 101 girls, they’re really making my Dubai stay so so much fun! 

*Mareng Joy wasn’t able to join us, sayang! While Leah was at work and ofcourse from Sg, we miss you Rea boi!

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