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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Mimay’s coming in Dubai is very perfect because aside from the fact that good weather is already taking place, it’s Dadee Poy’s birthday as well! It was indeed a super happy double celebration last Friday for the Aguilars.
Celebrant: Vergel “Poy” Aguilar, my dearest bibi!
Birthday: November 27, 1978
Age: Sad to say but hubby’s age is not in the calendar anymore. Carry lang bi, nasa BINGO ka pa naman! ;)
In his wish list: DSLR Cam. It will be in his wish list until next year. Hehe =) Well, I told Poy he can surely have his DSLR but Mimay won’t be coming here. Sige mamili sya?! Mas bongga kaya gift ko sa kanya, Mimay in Dubai!
It was a long preparation since all the food served that night were personally made by 101. Would you believe even the three-tier cupcakes were made by 101’s girls? I was uberly touched by all our Dubai friends because of their support, help and generosity for this very special day.

Here are what we have for my dearest hubby, Mimay and Naynay:
PALABOK – pass muna sa pasta. I personally chose palabok since we still have spaghetti hang-over from Dong’s birthday the other week. (I haven’t blog this one yet! Dong promise I’ll do it soon, just been too busy these days because of Mimay). This was made by 101’s chef Jay! (Hay jay we owe you big time!)
GUILTY GINATAAN – This is naynay’s personal request so we can’t say no even if this menu would surely put our life in danger hehe. Malupet na cholesterol to! Meaty crab, sumptuous shrimp and juicy veggies boiled in coconut cream. Ang tsalap! I think hubby cooked this one. He’s becoming good in cooking na talaga! I love him more ;)
GARLIC FRIED CHICKEN with GARLIC DIP – To match the palabok, we opted to have a fried chicken soaked in chopped garlic, lemon juice and patis. The garlic taste is perfect since it was marinated for almost a day. Thanks
Ssel for the super sarap na garlic dip you made and for patiently frying the more than 5kls chicken! It was really so nice and sweet of you =)
CHICKEN MACARONI SALAD – my personal fave! This is made in sweat and blood by the birthday celebrant. Ang sarap sarap! My office mates even requested me to bring for our snack and asked Poy how it mas made. While my other friend has chicken allergy pero kiber lang. Oh db panalo si husband, may career sa kitchen!
PORK MENUDO – This menu is a gift from Jay and Carl! No doubt about the taste, sisiw lang to kay Jay. We were super touch for the thoughtfulness. Super thank you po, no words can express how thankful I am =)
CHICKEN CORDON BLEU – Also a gift from Lyn and Win. Hay we are really so blessed to have these guys, they are overly sweet! I was supposed to made this one kaya lang I was doubtful of myself, ayokong pumalpak kaya naging fried chicken na lang. And when I came home night before the party dinner, I saw Lyn marinating the chicken breasts and told me she’ll cook the cordon bleu for me. Love yah Lyn!
APPLE PUNCH – is equal to Tang apple flavor plus chopped apple bits. Yan ang contribution ni Nani, 5 mins lang tapos na! =)
CHOCO/VANILLA CAKE AND CUPCAKES – this is our masterpiece! Yes you read it right, this bonggang bonggang cake is personally made by 101 girls. Especially for Poy’s bday and Mimay and Naynay’s welcome party! For 2011, this will be our new hobby, baking! Sosyalness! And hopefully this will be the start of our business in the making. Aba walang masamang mangarap =) Look at our first ever masterpiece as a team. Bravo to Len, Lyn and Carl! It was so fun making all these cakes and cupcakes. We’re literally kinikilig by the fact that we were able to make this wonderful creation! Since the birthday celebrant is a self confessed “strawberry of all kinds” lover, we made sure to put strawberries as toppings. By the way, thanks Len for getting almost all the ingredients and design for the cupcakes. Thanks thanks soon to be Mrs. Espinosa!
dxb friends
bibi's with tin and darwin
naynay with friends
dxb officemates
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much to everyone who made this simple dinner possible. Most especially to our thoughtful friends/housemates for all your respective support. This is surely the bestest birthday of my hubby dear!

The next day, on the exact date of Poy’s birthday, with Naynay, Mimay and hubby, we again celebrated as we wander to Dubai Zoo, Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Dancing Fountain. Were obviously in Dubai no? =)

It was a fun filled day because atlast we were able to TRULY enjoy Dubai. Before kasi, I personally don’t want to go to places here in Dubai. I feel guilty everytime husband and I are going to new places. Syempre as a mom, I want to experience everything with Mimay. So now that’s she’s here, I am guilt free! Yey!
Since it’s Mimay’s 2nd day pa lang in Dubai, she’s still not adjusted with the time difference. So at around 8pm here, that’s 12am in Pinas, she fell asleep in his dadee’s arms. Di na kinaya ng powers haha!
Poy was carrying Mimay for an hour na so we badly needed to get her a stroller. Minutes after we put her on the stroller, she was awakened and viola active na naman!
It was surely a happy happy happy happy birthday for husband. Happy birthday bibi! I love you so so much!

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