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Monday, December 27, 2010


As promised, I’ll make a blog post out of below photo that I posted in my FB.
For the past 3 consecutive nights, Mimay is having tantrums. When she first came here with us, she’s not like that. Yes she’s makulit but when it’s bed time, we just give her milk, scratch her back and she falls asleep fast. Her tantrums started last Christmas Eve when we watch ‘Petrang Kabayo’ the movie while having our Noche Buena. For almost the whole duration of the movie, Mimay was very much focused watching vice ganda transformed into a horse. Came 2 am, when we are about to sleep, Mimay keep on telling lines such as “mamee abayo vice anda”, “mamee vice anda wawa”, “mimay takot abayo”, and many other else. As in feel na feel nya yung movie. Super naabsorb nya to the nth level.  She was wide awake and grouchy until 5:30 am. Nakakaloka ang pasko namin! Puyat kung puyat talaga. Finally at 6am, we all had a good sleep. We all woke up at 9am because we have a reservation in Royal Ascot Hotel to celebrate the Christmas day. The first words that came out from Mimay after her 3 hours sleep are “mamee vice anda, abayo!”

The whole Christmas day at the hotel was really all fun. Even we’re all groggy to death, we had a great day enjoying the place, the pool and the food. Our baby is super active and happy as usual.
But came bed time when we reached home, nakow eto na naman, she’s crying with no apparent reason. She makes pakarga to her naynay, to me and to her dadee. If we bring her to bed, she’ll cry and tell us to bring her out. If we bring her out, she’ll cry again asking us to bring her in the kitchen, then in the living room, then in the toilet. When we were in the toilet she still cries and yell! Look at her, super nakakaawa noh?
Then when she saw the bath tub, she told us this “mimay sleep dun!” We all looked to where she pointed her finger and yes, correct, plangak, walang duda, sa bath tub nga! Me, naynay and husband gazed oddly at each other. But since we can’t stand seeing Mimay cry, we immediately clean the tub and put a comforter and pillow for Mimay. Don’t blame me please, I’m just a mom with a very soft heart for her daughter. Awang awa na ko sa anak ko and I don’t want to see her crying more. When we lay her in the tub, she stops crying.  
Even naynay said it’s ok lang daw for her to sleep there too as long as Mimay is comfortable. We then agreed to let her sleep and we’ll just transfer her in bed if she’s already dozing in dreamland. Kaloka kasi tong si Petrang Kabayo, ntrauma ang anak ko.
I don’t know if somehow we are spoiling her. Isip ako ng isip if tama ba to give in to all her crying or we just let her hanggang mamaga ang mata nya. Which is more humane?

Dear Mimay anak,
We love you so much baby and we can’t stand seeing you grumpy. We always want you to be happy but there are things which are beyond our control. I just pray baby that when you grow up, you’ll appreciate every little things that we are all willing to give you. I pray that you will love your naynay even more for all her sacrifices for you. Mahal na mahal ka namin anak kahit lakas tama ka hehe, joke!
Amabyu poreber,
Mamee Nani


  1. thanks soon to be mommy jhan! i miss ur posts! how's pregnancy?