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Monday, December 6, 2010


Please excuse me for posting blogs lately which are mostly about Mimay. It’s really the mamee in me, I can’t help not to make kwento about her. I am just one proud mom =)
Last Saturday, we went to Dubai outlet mall with couples Len and Eric, hubby, Mimay and Naynay because we heard most of the stores are on sale. That day, it’s a good thing our kiriray daughter woke up at 10 am, para she’s fully charge. When we were taking a bath, I promised to get her new clothes if she will behave well. As I was saying my lines, she was seriously listening to me. When I told her we’ll go shopping, ewan ko kung namamalikmata ako but I really saw her smile as if she knows what shopping means. Oh di ba parang ako talaga si Mimay? Nagttwinkle twinkle ang eyes pag nadidinig yung shopping =)

When we arrive at the mall, our first stop is Giordano because they’re having a year end sale. We have a budget to follow as agreed with husband so I remained composed kahit deep inside eh gusto kong himatayin sa dami ng sale! I told naynay to do her shopping and just call me pag payment time na. I headed straight to Giordano kids and almost fainted when I saw the items at AED25!! It’s like 300 pesos per piece lang!! I immediately check out clothes for Mimay, wala ng poise kung wala! Afte sometime, I got a pants, shirt and jacket for ineng. I could have gotten more pa sana but there were no sizes available for Mimay, super sayang! When we were trying the pants to Mimay, she shouted “ayaw! sikip! sikip!” The sales lady was in awe when she saw who owns that tiny cute voice, because normally a baby at her age will just cry if she’s feeling uncomfortable pero si Mimay namin, may comment pa talaga during fitting. On the other hand naman, naynay is also busy trying on pants na size 31 because it’s in super sale! The price is only AED75 (Php 900) pero halleer kamusta naman yung waist line?! 31 is the largest size available.

Naynay: “Kasya to! Busog lang ako eh.”
Nani: “Pa check nga nyang luma mo na pants mi, ano ba waist line nyan?”
Naynay: “Tingnan mo mga 32 lang to.”
Nani: “Haleerr mami, 38 kaya! Wish mo lang magkasya syo yang 31 ng Giordano!”

Kaloka tong mami ko! Sakit sa brain! She was able to get 4 blouses naman so she’s happy na din kahit wala yung pants. Wasn’t able to take some photos here because I’m too aligaga checking out clothes for our dalaga.

We checked out different shops and went to Crocs for our last stop. Naynay seems to be very unlucky this day because no size is available for the design she likes, so we instead find something for our dalaga. Looking at below photos, you can see Mimay curiously checking out the sandals. Mukang ‘shopping-era in the making’ talaga tong anak ko, saya!! She immediately went to the winter collection of crocs, maybe because of it’s bright color and the furry fleece lining which made it look unique thus catching Mimay’s attention. But according to husband, Mimay’s feet will get very sweaty on this because this style is good only for cold countries so we made “uto” our baby and showed her this pink/brown clogs. And her reaction after we tried the clogs on her? “wow!!” in a very very cute tone. She’s very appreciative talaga! When she saw something beautiful, she expressed it by saying WOW! I’m so excited when she’s a little grown up na, she’ll be my shopping buddy! Yeah!
We capped the day off by having snack in our all time fave Subway while naynay opted to have rice so we got her Chinese Palace’ fried rice, chicken sweet ‘n sour and beef broccoli. It was truly a fun day! I love every minute being with our dear Jemimah.

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