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Sunday, December 5, 2010


H is for HYPER, HAPPY and HANEP!

Days before the scheduled flight of Mimay to Dubai, my siblings back in Pinas warned me to prepare myself with Mimay. They’re wishing me goodluck all the time. They even told me to make sure that we live near a precint or police station so that we can report Mimay any time. Even if it was a joke, this honestly made me curious.

Came the big day, we were finally reunited with our cutie baby. At first, she looks mabait naman. I told husband, “mukha namang harmless si ineng.” But looks is really indeed very deceiving. Haha don’t get me wrong! She’s not the criminal type, she’s just a baby remember? ;) She’s just too hyper active and very madaldal! At 1 year and 8 months, she can fluently repeat the words she heard! Super arte and pa cute, well hindi naman nakakapagtaka, she came from me eh. I am one proud mom for having Mimay, she’s biba in her age. Everyone in the house noticed that. Siguro daw I had a super healthy pregnancy and was well taken cared of by Poy kaya our baby is a happy baby. Yah I have to agree to that. I am really blessed to have a very supportive, loving and spoiler husband. Aside from God’s blessing, I have to say I owe Mimay’s brightness to husband.

When we came here in Dubai 7 months back, husband and I had to adjust our body clock for more than a week. Since time in the Philippines is 4 hours advance, 7pm pa lang here bangenge na kami sa antok. But with Mimay, 3 days pa lang adjusted na sya! She now sleeps at around 10 pm and woke up at 9am. At night, almost everyone in the house bring pasalubong for Mimay, she’s a spoiled baby. And everytime she gets her pasalubong she would cutely say “tingkyu!” haha visayan accent! And almost everyone din in the house, she knows the name na. She knows Tita Len, Carl, Bert, Win, Tita (Lyn),Sel, Bay (Dong), Coco, Mahal and ofcourse Jay. We have a feeling that Mimay is attracted to Jay hahaha! Pacute kasi sya everytime Jay is around. And if you will ask her, “Mimay sinong pogi?” She would coyly say, “Jay!” Ang charchar ng anak ko! Tataluhin pa si Tita Carl haha!
I have a kwento, last week after coming home from office I went out with Mimay to get her something from the store. I don’t usually buy her pasalubong but instead I let her pick what she wants from the store located in the ground floor of our building. On our way down, Mimay pulled my hand and said “Miii!! Stoyer sira naynay.” I think what she meant was, “Mamee, yung stroller ko sinira ni naynay.” I was stunned! Imagine, at her very young age, nagkkwento na talaga sya at nagsusumbong. Then when we were in the elevator going to the ground floor, Mimay said this: “Hiyo hiyo” Hehe nahihilo daw sya. How cute is that?

There was also this one time inside the cab, I asked her to behave. I told her the driver would get mad if she’ll make likot. My tone is a bit irate because I want her to stay on her sit. She immediately embraced her naynay and said “Yaw mami, gayet gayet.” Get it? Ayaw daw nya sa akin coz I’m galit. Nakakaloka sya db? So to make her feel I’m not mad, I told her there’s an airplane. When she looked up, the airplane wasn’t visible anymore. It was covered by a tall building, so I said “Sayang neng di mo nakita yung airplane.” And cutely she replied, “sayang eyplane sayang” with matching facial expression na as if she knows what sayang means. I don’t know if it’s normal but she’s just less than 2 years old but she can really communicate and understand things.

Then the other day, we were watching you tube in the computer and I showed him Jollibee dancing Nobody. And when we asked her to dance to the same tune, tingnan nyo naman sa moves:

She’s really the cutest creature ever! I am falling more and more and more inlove with her.

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