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Sunday, November 28, 2010


To our dearest Mimay,

The long wait is over. Finally anak, you are here with me and Dadee. I can’t stop pinching myself, parang until now I’m still so overwhelmed of the fact that after 7 months kasama ka na ulit namin. Anak, you just don’t know how happy mamee is right now. I cannot perfectly describe it in words neng.

Thursday, November 25. I woke up feeling very excited coz daddy and I only have 24 hours to wait before we finally see you. Nanlalamig ako, kinakabahan, sinisikmura, lumulutang… I think those were the weird feelings that hit me that day. On my way to the office anak, I was super LUTANG. I didn’t even notice that your Ninang Selo back in Pinas was already calling me on my mobile. I wasn’t able to work well in the office because my mind was very much occupied of too many thoughts. The day seemed to be very long for me. Inip na inip ako anak. I only had sinigang soup for lunch and nothing else pero never ako nagutom. I cannot stay long sitting in my desk, lakad ako ng lakad inside the office and sobra kong nanlalamig. Came 5pm, I called you and naynay because it’s already 9pm in Pinas and check-in opens at 9:20 pm. She told me you were in queue to check in. After that call, I became more excited, nervous and tensed. I told your naynay that if ever the immigration officer would ask something, she can call on my mobile. I was already in the shuttle service but I didn’t receive any call from your naynay. When it’s already 7:05 pm, I tried to call your naynay and she told me that you’re passports were just stamped by the officers with no question at all. God is really good! Para akong nabunutan ng tinik and I burst to tears. The same night, dadee and I slept at almost 2am since we had to prepare for your welcome party. Mamee and Dadee’s friends in 101 we’re all very supportive and excited as well!

Friday, November 26, the day I’ve been praying to come, at 5 am... Barely 3 hours after I slept, I woke up feeling very excited, happy, a bit nervous and still tensed, it was really mixed emotions anak. Your Tito Jay, volunteered to drive for us going to the airport. Inside the car, ang sakit ng tyan ko neng! Feeling ko eh sinisikmura ako na hindi ko maintindihan.
As we waited for you and naynay in the arrival area, mas lalo na hindi mapakali si Mamee. I was so excited and I even had to run to the rest room coz I feel like vomiting and natatae at the same time! Your dadee was the one who saw you and naynay first. He was describing that naynay is wearing blue and you were wearing pink polo shirt and white skirt. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Your dadee reminded me not to cry because you might get scared. As you’re getting nearer to us, I was very much surprised of how time flies very fast. In just 7 months, you have changed a lot. You don’t look like a 1 year and 7 months baby but you look like 3 yrs old already because you’re really tall at your age. You we’re walking really fast but I saw you suddenly slow down when you saw us. You ran behind your naynay. I almost cried. But your dadee said nangingilala ka lang daw so I stop myself from immediately holding you. We were saying our hi’s to you but you were just looking to us. I was very eager to carry you but your naynay said wag ka daw namin biglain. I tried to make face to get your attention and you smiled. After that, I couldn’t hold it anymore and carried you. I tried to hold my tears and I tell you anak, it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. Napapanaginipan ko lang months ago na mabubuhat kita ng ganto and I still can’t believe that this is really happening. My mind keeps on praising and praising God for this wonderful moment. I am the happiest mamee alive especially when you gave us your crispy wetful kiss! I can see your dadee is teary eyed as well pero pareho kaming pigil na pigil.
And I’m very proud anak because in less than an hour eh super close na tayo. Yes you’re still calling your naynay every now and then but I can feel na you smelled your mamee in me kaya dikit agad tyo ;)
For just a very short time eh bibang biba ka agad, wala ka man jet lag, panalo ka neng! (Watch out for more mimay kwento’s, nakakaloka at panalong panalo ang kakirihan ng anak namin!promise!)
Baby, mahal na mahal na mahal ka namin ni Dadee. I will forever thank the Lord for all his blessings and guidance to our family. I’m sure this is the happiest birthday for your Dadee coz we celebrated it as a complete family. We love you so much mimay!!!

Mamee Nani

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  1. Finally, kasama nyo na si Mimay. I'm so happy for your family. May God continue showering you with blessings.