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Monday, December 20, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts. Can’t find time now to write, been very busy with my dearest baby, with Poy, with Naynay and with work. And I’m so enjoying being a mommy to Mimay. Ang sarap na lalo nya kasama ngaun because she’s so receptive. We actually talk to her as an adult and she’s so cute and adorable when she responds to us.

It’s not a very good week for pamamasyal, been sick for days and husband had to come to work on Friday hayz! But first, let me make kwento why he had to come to work on his day-off. Husband is working as a Safety Officer in a manufacturing company producing fasteners and steel wires. Last Friday from our church service, after we had our lunch, someone from husband’s office called up for a super shocking news. A Filipino fork lift operator met an accident in their plant and died right then and there! Husband was too upset because ofcourse as a safety officer, it’s his responsibility to make sure that all employees work in a safe environment. He told me immediately that we have to cancel our scheduled family day because of what happened. Husband headed straight to office and learned that this Filipino guy was found dead inside the fork lift because of a container van that accidentally flips over him. It was surely a very sad story that affected Poy until this very hour. Super bothered sya and sad because of what happened. To the family of Mr. Roland Hilario, our deepest condolences.

Back to my story, aside from the above unexpected mishap, my fever and colds made it more impossible for us to go places this week. I even had to be absent from work because of this sudden fever. But summing up, this week was still a very fun one because of our mimay’s comedy antics. She’s becoming more and more kwela everyday. She responds as if I’m talking to a grown up. She’s so smart like her mom hehe. Everyone loves her dearly!

So for Mimay and Naynay’s third week, we’ve been to the following places:

Four Seasons Rydges Plaza Hotel – Chinese Restaurant with a breathtaking view of Jumeirah beach front found on the 9th floor of Rydges Hotel. We came here to celebrate the birthday of my officemate Ate Rose. The foods served were all superb! It was so nice and sweet of Ate Rose to invite my family over to join for the dinner, thanks Ate Rose!
Gold Souk - it is for nothing that Dubai is called as City of Gold. Gold Souk is a traditional market or souk consisting of retailers that trade almost exclusively in jewelry. Nakakabaliw ang lugar na to especially for people na super like ang mga jewelries. When Mimay saw the kumikinang store of gold, she excitedly shouted “wow!” We came here to get xmas gift for Jay’s mom and it was a successful trip because we bagged a set of tricolor earrings and necklace with pendant at a nakaka highblood na price! We actually came to get some price idea because I promised to get my ate her earrings from Dubai. It’s actually a good investment because compared naman to Pinas, Gold is cheaper in Dubai. After here, we went to City Centre to have a snack and a quick grocery shopping.
Abuhail Park – this is the park right infront of our building. We usually do our night walk here with Mimay and Naynay while having our shawarma. Nice place to wind up, relax and play.

Al Karama Fish and Vegetable Market – finally we were able to visit Dubai fish market with naynay! We promised to bring her here to shop for the freshest sea creatures. Dubai, being situated in the Arabian Peninsula is abundant with different kinds of fishes. Prices are way cheaper than those frozen fish found in the supermarket. We got tulingan, pink salmon, shrimps, milk fish and crab which is good for our 1 week meal. Thanks Jay for the ride! It’s a bit hard to go to wet market here in Dubai if you don’t have a private car. Public transportations are not allowed for people who came from wet market basically because of the stinky smell.   
That’s all for this week. Oh I have to make bawi to my baby this Christmas week! 6 days to go! I’m planning to go swimming this holiday! It’s Mimay’s fave eh. Sipunin na sisipunin ;)

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