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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I honestly don’t know if it’s ok to blog this topic. I’m having second thoughts kasi it’s kinda personal. But I really have to share this, I guess. That’s why I have my own blog site for me to be able to release my sentiments right? Ok here goes my story…

It’s hubby’s birthday this coming Saturday. Our plan is to have a simple dinner sa house on Friday together with friends and also to celebrate Mimay’s coming in Dubai. Then we thought of going somewhere the next day to celebrate his birthday with my mom and Mimay.

So last night, husband and I were discussing what to prepare for Friday. I was telling him different options that will fit the number of possible guests, our budget, etc. And yes he was responsing pero parang walang energy. I was pissed off kasi haleer birthday nya kaya yung topic tapos “yes” and “no” lang sagot nya. Di bale sana kung birthday ko yun. And one more thing, why isn’t he excited as me eh welcome party din yun ni Mimay db? In short, last night ended na hindi ako nakibo. I really chose not to talk to him until this very hour. Naiinis kasi ako and I’d rather not talk to avoid saying things that I will regret after. Husband kept on saying sorry. He was embracing me the whole morning, telling me that he was just too sleepy last night. I kept mum and never replied on his text and emails until I received a mail from him with “birthday gift” as subject. His mail was like this… Bibi pa birthday mo na po sa akin yung di ka po magagalit hanggang birthday ko, related naman po sa birthday ko ung ikinatampo mo at di ko din naman po sinasadya. Please mahal. Bday gift mo na sa akin ha? Pero di naman ako gagawa ng ikagagalit mo kase ayoko ng nagagalit ka. Konteng lambot lang po ngayon hanggang birthday ko.”
And now I’m thinking, am I just being childish? Mababaw ba ko? Am I too sensitive? How come Poy sent me this message not to be angry even only until his birthday? I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to react. Am I a bad wife?

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  1. Just say what's on your mind... :o)

    Sis, gumawa naman tau ng blog site not just for happy stories... minsan pede natin 'to maging outlet in expressing and letting out all of our frustrations, anger, fears etc., and all the other emotions na nararamdaman natin. :o)

    With regard to your role as a wife, I know you are a good wife to Poy because you are putting time, effort and energy to make him the happiest husband on his special day. Maybe, he's really just too sleepy that is why he lacks the energy to talk to you in the same way. *wink*

    Hakuna matata! (no worries)