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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today I finally decided to change my blog header from CONFESSIONS OF A SPOILED WIFE AND A PROUD MOM to HAPPY WIFEY CUM MOMMY. My previous title is toooo long kasi and aside from that I thought what if in the future, Mimay will see my blog title as this? She might make a blog site of her own entitled CONFESSIONS OF A SPOILED DAUGHTER! I don’t like that. Naku knowing our Mimay, I am 100% sure she will give me a hard time explaining things like why can’t she be a spoiled daughter while her Mamee is a spoiled wife? Or worst she might give her full affection to his Dadee (and outcast me) kasi she might think Poy will spoil her too! Ay ayoko nun! I know, I’m becoming paranoid again with my reasons but still seguristang nanay ako so changing my blog header is a perfect and panalong move =)

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