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Saturday, November 6, 2010

MIMAY @ 1!

Though this happened more than 7 months ago, allow me to blog and make kwento about our dear Mimay’s 1st birthday and thanksgiving celebration. One day, she might ask mamee about it, and incase the anesthesia hits me again, I’m prepared ;p

Dear Mimay,
Being an OA and excited first time mom, I’ve been seriously contemplating about your 1st birthday since you were barely 4 months old. At first, me and your dadee’s idea is a superhero birthday theme. We would dress you as “baby super woman” and the venue would be in Pizza Hut Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Since mamee and dadee are pizza lovers, we thought it’ll be fun if we will celebrate your special day eating tons of pizza and party prep is less hassle there. So we started checking out the menu, the actual venue, the mascots, program, etc. We even have finalized a costume for you anak. We are that excited for your birthday thinking you were just 4 months old haha! Your Ninang Selo even teased us that we should be planning na din daw for your debut =) So we let some months passed before we again called the Pizza Hut manager to book/reserve for April 4, 2010. Unluckily anak, they said they cannot reserve this date because it’s an Easter Sunday. They don’t usually book party on holidays. Mamee was so disappointed!  
6 months before April 2010, your Ninang Selo gave us a bright idea! Since you were born during summer, why not make your birthday theme as Luau or Hawaiian! Without second thought, I immediately buy your Ninang’s idea. Just imagining you will wear a grass skirt made me more excited as a bee!
And since then, I’ve been religiously checking the net on how to plan for your party.

The Birthday Girl:
Meet our Jemimah Philisse Cruz- Aguilar

The Venue:
Since it’s a luau party, the only choice is a private resort. No sweat because we are living near the most famous resorts on earth, Laguna! Almost weekly, we are checking different resorts that will fit the number of guests and budget ofcourse.
January 2009, we found the perfect venue. Le Ballustre Resort, located in Halang Calamba just behind Canossa Academy.
The resort was just newly renovated. Not too big and not too small area just right for the approximately 100 adults and 60 kids guests. And what we love most about Le Balustre is that it has a built in stage perfect for the party’s program.

12 hrs rental: P6,000 plus P500 for the extra room, which is actually cheap because April is a peak month and April 4 itself is an Easter Sunday.

The Outfit:
We had a hard time looking for a grass skirt that will fit Mimay. Most of the malls have grass skirts but is good for a 5 yr old. Searching the net, I learned that there is a place in Divisoria where they can tailor Hawaiian attire for all ages. 2 months before the big day, Poy and I went to Divisoria and hurray, we found a store offering almost everything for a luau party! Mamee is so happy!
We chose a yellow plastic straw for the grass skirt. We waited for almost 2 hours before they finish the entire outfit including the neck lei, arm lei and brassiere. There were already available RTW grass skirt but I insisted the tindera to make a new one even if the cost is a little higher.

Total Price: P600 (includes the materials and labor), sa mall its P2K! Fab find!
To match up with the theme, mamee nani got a yellow/pink beach tube dress from YRYS while dadee poy got white beach polo and board shorts from Cocobana.

Party Favors, Leis and Invitation:
To compliment with the luau birthday theme, we opted to get a beach toy set which includes colorful pails, shovel and rake so that kid guests will have something to play after the party. We got it from Divi too!
Price: P45 per piece
We also got Leis for the adults para Hawaian na Hawaian talaga! =) 
Price: P25-30 per piece
The invitation is personally made by Mimay’s Tita Ninang Selo. She made couple of invitation samples before we finally decide on this layout:
While mamee and dadee went to Divisoria to get these cute bottles, colorful sands and beach shells to match the party theme. Look at the DIY invitation final output:

The standee is another DIY project of mamee and dadee. Cheers for the creativity of Mimay’s parents!

Cake, cupcakes and the toppers:
Ever since day 1, I was thinking of cupcakes for the birthday cake. I wanted kasi to make a personalized topper for each cupcake. It’s mamee’s DIY idea again! I asked my sister to make a caricature of Mimay wearing Hawaiian attire. After printing, I pasted it in a board and cut each one by one to serve as cupcake topper. The chocolate round cake was provided by the caterer with a Hawaiian baby topper while cupcakes were from Blue Glazed.
Price: P25 per piece (cupcake)

The pre-party and party photos were covered by Digi-Print from Festival Mall Alabang.
I highly commend Kuya Edrian for a job well done. He’s the most masipag photographer we’ve ever met. He captured all the important moments of Mimay’s party. And he is very easy to talk with. He even gave a free 24’ x 12’ print out of our family photo. He is really so nice! I haven’t seen the album itself until this date because we were already here in Dubai when it was delivered. But according to my mommy, it was so beautiful daw and we saw it din in Skype, and it looks beautiful nga =)
Package Price: P5,500

Party Host, Decorations and Catering:
I guess for any party, finding the best caterer is the hardest part. I’m a living proof. It was the hardest decision for me and Poy. We have spoken to I think more than 10 caterers that would best fit our requirements and budget. I had this caterer pa nga who offered “LETSE PLAN” for the dessert. Kaloka! Hawaiian party na leche flan ang dessert?? And take note of the spelling, no comment.

Poy and I met up with different caterers, set food tasting schedule, discussed party program, venue decorations and then finally confirmed our BIG YES to this “undisclosed party provider” who hails all the way from PASIG.
I saw their works of art through their website. They have package which includes hosts, performers, balloon twisting, magicians, bubble show, face paint, chocolate fountain, venue decorations, sound system and ofcourse food. Hassle free talaga so we immediately handed them our 20% down payment for the reservation. When Poy and I went to their office super dami talagang clients. So all the while we thought this “undisclosed party provider” was really the best. Later you’ll know why I chose not to tell the name of the party provider.  

Came the party proper, our Mimay’s big day, their team was supposed to arrive in the resort at 6am as agreed, since the party will start at 1pm. But annoyingly they arrived at almost 12 noon because they said, the traffic to Laguna is unbearable. I tried hard not to cry because I don’t want my family and other guests to feel the same disappointment I am going through that time. To cut it short, the party started at almost 3pm with all the guests watching the caterer’s team decorates the stage of the resort. Thanks to all our understanding guests who patiently waited for the program to start.

The decoration is just so so. I didn’t actually like it because they didn’t follow ALL my instructions. But the hosts, magicians and the program itself are commendable so I just brushed off my issue with the decors.
But the most disastrous and unforgivable part is the food! It’s not about the taste because I myself wasn’t able to taste it. The issue? Super kulang ang food for the guests!! The reservation we made was good for 100 adults and 40 kids. And I think the guests were roughly on that figure only pero bakit kulang ang food? This is the most nakakalokang part! Hay, how I wanted to die right there and then. We weren’t able to enjoy the program because the family we’re all aligaga to order additional food from the nearby Jollibee. Buti na lang, close relatives na lang namin yung naubusan! Kaloka!

Now you know why I chose not to divulge the name of that party provider. They don’t deserve to be mentioned in my blog! Grrrr!! Sorry anak ha? Sa sobrang pagpili namin ni dadee, sa bungi pa napatapat =)
We just wanted the best for our daughter but atleast we learned our lesson to entrust a party like this only to those tried and tested suppliers.

Summing it up anak, we were able to pull the day and not allowed the caterer mess your special day. Bottomline, your party was so so much fun because it was celebrated with the special people that truly love you.
Mimay anak, we are very blessed and thankful for having a super adorable and biba baby like you! You changed every inch of mamee and dadee. You made us better persons and we can’t thank you enough. We love you so much neng!

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