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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


On my way to the office this morning, I wasn’t able to sleep well at my seat. My eyes were close but my mind is wide awake.  As usual, ang dami kong iniisip…

I am very much vocal here in my blogsite about my fears of being the perfect mom for Mimay. Madami akong worries which is bad, I know. Then I came to this ‘new found realization’ that the greatest gift parents can give to their child is to set an example with a healthy and happy marriage. In my opinion, couples who want to raise cheerful and thriving children should endeavor to be perfect spouses first and be perfect parents afterwards.
Before becoming a loving, sweet, honest and caring parent, aim to become a loving, sweet, honest and caring spouse first. This I guess is the basic formula on smart parenting. A good marriage sets a great example to develop the child’s character.

And this realization made me smile and worry-free. With the way things are happening to our marriage, I am very very sure, Mimay will grow to be the happiest human being on earth =)

Oh by the way, today is our 53rd monthsary as love bees!

Bibi, happy happy bf/gf monthsary! Buhay keso na to habambuhay bi!

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