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Sunday, November 21, 2010


It’s been months now since I seldom eat rice, what I mean with seldom is once or twice uhm okay thrice a week na lang. I’m proud of myself still. From five-rice-meal a day to a two or three-rice-meal a week, not bad at all right? But being the laziest of all time, I’m really having a hard time to be patient and faithful with my workout and exercise schedule. Soooper nakakatamad!! And what make things worst is my love for desserts. I know it has gazillions of calories but who cares, I’m guilty of being a dessert addict. As what I wrote from my previous blog, I love everything sweet coz uhm.. I’m a sweet person? Eeh!! I specifically love chocolates and cakes. Then just last week, we bought a new oven and I love it big time! Because it means we can make and bake our own desserts anytime! Hooray!! Hindi pa man ako pumapayat eh eto na naman ang sisira sa mga pangarap ko haha! See the first ever baking project of yours truly and Len. Yah I know it doesn’t look awesome, comedy sya actually. But the taste? Oh well, Lyn said it’s like of Costa’s. Ehem!
 Ahhh...chocolate cake... you’re so ahhmm ... heaven! I LOVE YOU. There. I said it. I know we’re a total stranger but I can’t help not to say it. Love at first sight is true after all. No worries, you don't have to say it back. No problem with me, no pressure. I totally understand if you just want everything to be casual between us. I’m married anyway. But yes, this is LOVE. And I promise to munch you until my vanishing days =)

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