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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I super love Saturday, it’s my favorite next to Sunday haha! Not only because no work on those days, but because weekend also means quality time with my husband and baby.

Last 2 Saturdays ago, (as usual late posting na naman) Dadee Poy, Mamee Nani and Mimay went to SM Southmall. During my dalaga days, Festival, ATC and SM Southmall were my go-to malls. Malapit kasi and very accessible from Calamba. I would start malling at 10am and will do my mall hopping until mamaga na ang hinlalaki ko sa paa. But since we had Mimay, I cannot afford that anymore. Staying in the mall with Mimay for more than 4 hours will surely kill me. Ang hyper kaya ng anak ko. I seldom go to Southmall since then, ngayon na lang ulit.

It was a lucky day for me. Why? Because of all entrances in Southmall coming from the parking area, dun pa kami napunta sa Ladie’s wear section of SM. #dikounsinadya ;)  Syempre, if you’re in SM, it’s a mortal sin not to get something di ba? And since I don’t want to sin, I got these kyoot blouses. (nice palusot right?) They’re nicer if worn.

After that quick shopping, we had lunch in Karate Kid which is more like Tokyo Tokyo. It’s our first time to dine there. Husband tried the beef teriyaki, Yakisoba for Mimay and Tempura Udon for me. We also had California Maki and tried their red iced tea.
The taste is okay na din sa gutom, you know what I mean. It’s not comparable to Ipponyari though. The Tempura Udon in Karate Kid is like P129 only while in Ipponyari it’s around P500. Ganyan din kalayo yung lasa nila hehe.

After our lunch, we went to Dave’s funhouse so that our Mimay can play. The problem is super crowded nung area. Super excited pa naman si baby namin.

Good thing, Tom’s world is just on the other corner so our Mimay was still able to go in the playhouse. Super saya ng bagets! Sharing to you some of the photos in the play area.

I was thinking tuloy to pattern Mimay’s room to this. We’ll put her slide inside her room then there will be ball pool as well. Malamang, hindi matutulog ang anak ko pag ganun kwarto nya. Whatchathink? ;)
Finally, we had our family photo, yun lang, bangenge na si bagets. It was another fun Saturday for us! Weekend is really love =)

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