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Friday, March 16, 2012


Before I go insane because of work and the pressure that comes with it, mag bblog na lang muna ako. Ayoko nga maloka. Though I am not complaining ha? I love my work, I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now. There are just those times na kailangan talaga mag-pause eh or else you can’t think right anymore.

My kwento for today is about our Mimay. Pwera yabang, Mimay’s getting prettier now. Maybe because she’s becoming more biba and healthier nowadays. She’s not fat but she’s more of siksik.

If you remember I once made kwento here that we are having problem on Mimay’s appetite before. She’s not into rice kasi. Puro soup & noodles lang, but rice especially if it’s with ulam, naku super ayaw nya. We had to give her Heraclene as per her pedia’s advise, para magka-gana lang. But as I’ve said that was before, pero ngayon, after rice with ulam, dessert nya is 3 bottles of 8oz milk. Kaloka, I know! Would you believe that Mimay can finish a 1.6kg can of Progress gold in 4 days?! That means, we need to buy 4 cans every payday, which also means 8 cans per month and which also means P9,840 every month! Now tell me, gugustuhin pa ba naming magka second baby???!!

Sorry naman, I got carried away. But of course, we’ll have baby no. 2, wag lang muna ngayon at baka hindi na kami kumain magasawa. Lol!

Kidding aside, there is definitely no problem with Mimay’s milk consumption. Kaya nga kami nagttrabaho eh, to support and give what Mimay needs. Unica hija kaya. So sige lang anak, laklak ka lang ng laklak! ;)
Aside from milk, she now eats anything. Her current favorites are chicken and pork barbeque, burger steak & spag in Jollibee, shrimp sinigang, sopas, sweet corn, banana & yakult. We also notice, ang hilig ni Mimay sa suka. Ganado talaga sya if we have suka as sawsawan.

Here, I wanna show you our dinner one Sunday night. Ako lahat nagluto nyan este nag prito nyan. We have fried rice with sweet corn (Mimay’s fave), sardines, fried egg, fried boneless bangus, ripe mango and syempre ang suka. Breakfast lang ang peg dahil yan lang ang kaya kong gawin, ang mag prito ;)
By the way, you have to try this boneless bangus by Century. It really tastes good. It’s P150 for 2pcs medium size of bangus, super sulit. It’s Poy’s favorite too.
From these photos, you can see that Mimay really enjoys eating. Wala na talagang pilitan effect. Kusa na naupo sa dining table, aliw!

I have to give credit to tiki-tiki. I tried that once to Mimay, super effective compared to Appebon. If you have pihikan babies, try tiki-tiki. Malay nyo lang, hiyang din sa baby nyo just like with our Mimay.

Happy Friday everyone! May we all have a fun weekend with our loved ones =)

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  1. Sis, try mo Sea King boneless bangus. For us it is better than century's bangus