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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Grabe ang bilis ng araw. Wednesday na pala today. Have you notice it too? Days fly fast no? So dapat talaga enjoy and live each day as if it is the last (knock on the wood). And yes, ang dami ko pang utang na kwento sa inyo guys.

This morning, on our way to my shuttle pick up where Poy will drop me off, as usual kwentuhang walang humpay kami mag-asawa. I noticed, we’re really adults na. Dati kasi, landian lang lagi topics namin ngayon, pang mature na. Shucks, matanda na talaga kami. Pero okay lang, mas matanda pa din si Poy haha!

One of our many topics is Mimay’s birthday month. Our one and only baby will turn 3 already this coming April 4. Another proof that time flies really fast. Parang kailan lang kasi, our Mimay is just a tiny helpless baby, ngayon kireng kire na.
We’re so excited about April. We have so many surprises instore for our baby girl in her birthday month. We decided not to throw a party anymore but instead, we’ll just go to places where we know Mimay will enjoy.

Since her birthday will fall on Wednesday, last day before the long vacation/holyweek, we will celebrate her natal day on the 5th na since there will be no work for us starting April 5-9, wohooo!!

We’re thinking to spend the day in Enchanted Kingdom. It will be Mimay’s first time there. Ewan ko ba bakit di pa namin nadadala si Mimay dun eh 1 tumbling lang ang EK from our place. Siguro dahil sawa na kami ni Poy but just merely thinking that our baby will get to see all the fun rides in EK, sobrang excited din ako.
We’re also planning to go swimming. Wala palang definite plan where, but our choices are Lipa Batangas or maybe Laguna or Tagaytay area lang din kasi kahit saan naman basta swimming pool game na game ang bagets eh.   

We’re also planning to visit either Manila zoo, Malabon zoo or Avilon zoo. Basta zoo hehe. We went to Residence Inn in Tagaytay last December but to my dismay, hindi sya masyadong bongga. P250 pa naman ang entrance nila but there are no exciting animals there.

There’s this Monkey churva. Pls excuse my baby fats lol!
The Tiger.
There’s Milky, the white Lion.
The malnourish Camel.
They also have rabbits, snakes, turtles, fish, birds, etc.

I know Mimay hasn’t feel yet the best zoo experience of her life. When we were in Dubai Zoo, ang boring din eh. For me, nothing beats Zoobic Safari pa din in Subic. But since I haven’t been to Malabon and Avilon zoo, maybe we’ll try one of them this April. I want Mimay to see a real elephant and a real giraffe.

Together with my family, we also have plans to go to Hundred Islands in Pangasinan on April 29-May 1. Long holidays na naman kasi yun because of Labor Day. I just have to get an approved VL on April 30, wish me luck!

And ofcourse, the Barney show live in Aliw Theater on April 28.

We already bought the tickets last Saturday and Mimay is so excited about it. I keep on telling her that we will see Barney in person as well as BJ, Baby Bop and Riff. At first, she was confused. Akala nya siguro mag wawatch lang kami ng Barney sa laptop but after explaining to her ayun naarok din. Tuwang tuwa kamo. I cannot imagine it anymore when we see Barney na talaga in person. Baka pati kami ni Dadee nya mapasayaw din kay Barney haha!

It will surely be a very busy April for us. I can’t wait for it. Poy and I are super excited for Mimay.

Advance happy 3rd birthday anak! We love you so much, we’ll make sure you’ll have a fun fun birthday month. Kiss kiss kiss!

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