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Saturday, May 5, 2012

PANGASINAN TRIP Part 1: Hundred Islands experience

As much as I wanted to immediately share here our out of town trip last weekend, I wasn’t able to squeeze it in my schedule. Since I only had 3 working days for the past week, I had to finish my to-do’s for 5 days within 3 days only. Ayun sa awa ni Lord, di ko pa rin natapos hehe. I had to extend my working hours til 12 midnight yesterday for me to be able to cope up.

It’s a good thing my mag-ama are catching their siesta so I have the time to blog even if today is a Saturday. We’ll be going to mall later to have our late lunch and buy an AC unit for our room. Sobrang init na talaga and a wall fan is not enough anymore for us to get some good sleep at night.

Anyways, I just want to share to you guys our super fun Pangasinan trip last weekend. Together with my immediate family including my mommy, ate & her hubby kuya dong, my bro with his wife ate jona, ninang chee, my hubby poy & our baby mimay, off we went at 3am from Laguna going to Pangasinan.

The 8 hour travel to Pangasinan is super sisiw for us. Wala pa ring tatalo sa 14 hour travel namin before to Sagada and just recently, our 16 hour trip to Ilocos.

We had our breakfast in, where else? Jollibee! At 8:30 am, we where in Rosales Pangasinan already.

Our first stop, Hundred Islands. We arrived at 11am and boy it was scorching hot! We all had to buy hat to protect us from Mr. Sun.

We rented a motor boat for P1,160 that would bring us to the 3 main islands namely Quezon Island, Governor’s Island and Children’s Island. We didn’t stay to swim in any of those Islands because we will be going to Bolinao beach anyway. Here are some of our photos. Mimay was supper giddy with her boat experience. She was nervous at first and was embracing her dadee for her dear life.
If you plan to go to Hundred Island, you can ask the boatmen to drop you in any of those 3 Islands and asked them to pick you up before 5:30pm. The nicest Island is Quezon Island because of the cottages there where you can lounge and eat while you enjoy swimming & snorkeling in the clear waters of the beach.

We had lunch in Mang Inasal after our Hundred Islands visit and got some groceries nearby for some snacks & bread that we plan to bring on our next stop, Bolinao =)


  1. Wow! Mimay seems to be having so much fun! Hubby and I went to the Hundred Islands long ago, before we had the little one. We have to go back with her this time =)