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Monday, April 23, 2012


Oh yes my dear friends and countrymen, you read it right! Mimay’s going to be an ate soon because Ate Jona, wife of my only Kuya, is 8 weeks pregnant already. Mimay’s going to have a cousin na!
I posted this PT result in FB 2 wks ago and some thought that I am preggers. Let me just correct that, hindi po ako buntis. Although in photos, mas mukha talaga akong buntis kesa sa sister in-law ko hehe.

Everyone in the family was overjoyed upon confirming the good news. 37 years old na kasi ang kuya ko, 36 years old nung naisipan magasawa. Late bloomer, ganun. So imagine our happiness when we learned that they’re going to have a baby na. Nauna pa nga ako iannounce yun sa FB eh haha! Epal lang. Ayun ako tuloy napagkamalan buntis.

As I’ve said, everyone was very happy for my kuya and ate Jona, except for Mimay. Until now, she’s still slowly digesting the idea that our family will have a new baby soon. ‘Hindi ko kayang tanggapin’ mode pa rin sya until now. Being the only baby for 3 years, naturally she’s jealous. We’re sure that it will take some time for her to accept things. Sobrang spoiled kasi yan si Mimay sa buong family ko especially with her Tito.
Would you believe that Mimay didn’t drink milk for 1 night and the next day after she learned na magkaka baby na si Tito nya? Sa takaw sa milk ng anak ko, yan eh 1 himala. It only shows how affected she was. But on the other hand, it can be a good training for her too if ever we’ll plan na sundan na sya. Pag nakita namin na nilagay ni Mimay yung baby ng kuya ko sa washing machine, ibig sabihin wag muna kami mag next baby ni Poy haha!

To celebrate this blessing, the soon-to-be-parents, treated us over dinner last Sunday in Don Henrico’s. Naikot na namin buong Festival Mall before we settled here and I’m glad we chose Don Hen, the food there didn’t disappoint us except for their Buffalo Wings.
Our orders:

Caesar salad, Dip & Nachos and Calamari Fritti

Spaghetti & Meatballs


Chili Garlic Shrimp in Olive oil (which we got for free, thanks Citibank!) – our new found fave. Pasta with a kick! Mapapasipa ka sa anghang lol! It has plenty of shrimps too.

Cheesy Baked Lasagna – my personal fave. Super creamy and delicious!

Supreme Pizza

Buffalo Wings – na hindi ko type. Super tamis, akala ko nga dessert.

Except for the over tamis buffalo wings, it was a great dinner, lalo na at libre J

Thanks and congrats to my Kuya Dee and Ate Jona! We all can’t wait for December to see & kiss the newest baby in the family. Wag nyo lang masyado ilalapit kay Mimay, baka saktan. Lol!

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