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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Start of the week again. Ang bilis. Parang the other day lang, super excited ako mag holy week tapos ngayon last day na pala at back to office na ulit tomorrow. But nevertheless, it was a super fun holyweek vacation for me and my family. Sakto din because we were able to spend quality time with our baby in celebration of her 3rd birthday. More of Mimay’s birthday celebration on my next post.

Anyway, I’m super sorry guys if my blog isn’t that updated anymore ha? Dati kasi, konting kamot ko lang, mya mya nblog ko na. Now that’s not possible eh. Mas madami na work ngayon, but I am not complaining. Mas gusto ko madami work because it means I’m functioning. Na-chachallenge pati ako. Sad part lang is mejo late ako lagi in blogging. But don’t cha all worry because I’m keeping my list, as soon as I have the chance and time, I’ll share it agad.

I’m a bit feeling heavy today. Pagod siguro because of our schedule the past days. We were supposed to go swimming again with hubby’s side of the family, buti na lang reschedule na lang next week. Parang di na din kaya ng powers ko eh. Maybe we’ll just go to SM later to get some groceries and buy Mimay’s needs. Wala na pala toothpaste anak ko. Kalokang nanay naman ako oh. Wala na din deodorant asawa ko. Kalokang asawa naman ako oh.

Before I end this post, I wanna share to you one my recent fave photos.
This is in SM parking area yesterday. And cute ni ineng di ba? Super aliw na aliw ako sa shot na to. Kabog ako sa pose ng anak ko.

Happy Monday everyone!

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