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Sunday, January 29, 2012


I honestly don’t know how to start my comeback and first blog post for 2012. Parang ang hirap to collate all my thoughts and sangkatutak na stories in a single entry. But you know guys, for the past 2 months that I wasn’t able to blog and write, I felt so incomplete. Alam mo yung feeling na lumabas ka ng bahay na walang panty?! Ganun! Kulang talaga ang buhay without me sharing my everyday life with all of you. Belated Happy 2012! Na-miss ko kayo sobra. I hope na-miss nyo din ako.

Sobra ko kasi ninamnam ang aking vacation. Holidays pa kaya double ang happiness because I was able to spend it with my family dahil most of the time wala din silang pasok last December. Super bonding din kami ng aking Mimay, 24/7 kami together, loveeet! So please forgive me kung zero post talaga ako ha? Pero aside from that, our internet connection should be blamed. Yun talaga yung main culprit! Pano naman ako gaganahan mag blog ng wala naman kmi internet?!

But now that I’m back to being a working mommy, I promise to blog again! Yey! Watch out for my daily dose of kwento starting today. I will try my very best to squeeze in atleast 1 post every day. Since I cannot open in office, I will type away my thoughts in a word document and just transfer it in blogger when I got home. Oh db resourceful? =)

For the meantime, I will leave you some of our latest family photos and watch me grow bigger and bigger! Kaloka ang holidays, hindi ko na ma-zipper mga pants ko!
See you guys in a bit! I miss you all!!!

Mwaah mwaah tsup tsup! ;p

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  1. welcome back,sis! korek,nakakamiss ang iyong daily musings kaya naman you owe us a lot of kwento.hehe.looking forward to read more of your blogs soon. :)