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Sunday, January 29, 2012


But this time, not in Dubai anymore :) Yes dear readers, this is one of the blessings I was talking about in my previous posts months back. Regarding the blessing for husband, I am not allowed to disclose it for now. Hmp bawal pa daw muna kasi. But what’s good is that Poy’s here with us in Pinas as well. Complete happy Aguilar family once again, but this time, sa Pinas na. No more visa issues, no more yaya dilemma, no more weather problem, etc.
Going back to my kwento, I am very happy to inform all of you guys that I am once again part of the Philippine labor force. Helllooo bonggang tax!

June last year, I sent my CV to some of my friends in Pinas just incase they know vacancies fitted for me. As you know very well that time, we were having some issues on my mom’s residence visa. Very impractical kasi if she’ll stay lang for 3 months then balik to Pinas and back to Dubai again. So one of my resort is to look for a job in Pinas which can sustain and support our financial needs at the same time. September came and my friend/ kumare informed me that they are in need of a Senior Buyer. After some days, the HR sent me an invitation for a Skype interview. Weeks after, another skype interview was scheduled with the Purchasing Director and plant VP and the rest is history =)

I am now officially part of the Purchasing Team of an American semicon company in Cavite. God is really good and once again proved to our family that His promises are true. Because nothing is impossible in prayers and that everything has a reason. Kaya pala may issue sa visa ng mommy ko in Dubai it's because God has better plans for us.

Why did I share all these? It is because I want all of you to know that eventhough at times God answers our prayers in a different way, He has a very good reason for it. Just like what I always write here, God’s plans are always better than ours.

I am so excited with my new job. Aside from the very competitive package that they offered to me, ang bongga ng working area ko! I so love it! I have a separate cubicle kasi with spacious tables. Take note, tables with S hehe. Ang sarap mag work because I feel so relax and peaceful and I can concentrate well, wala ko makausap eh haha! Other staffs are outside so I really need to exert effort para lang may makausap. Aside pa from my comfortable cube, what’s even more bongga are my new officemates. They’re all nice and very welcoming! They’re all very mabait to me =)

This is me with my baby before I go to work at around 7am in the morning:

I can say that I am on the happiest state of my life right now. I have a very loving husband, biba and pretty daughter, supportive family and a promising career. I just pray that God will keep us humble at all times. I want to thank the Lord for everything coz I know that I am truly nothing without Him.


  1. Hi! that's nice...Welcome back and cheers to your new job!

  2. thanks for sharing this sis, i hope and pray that all ofws could do the same and be given a chance to be with their families while holding the same work and competitive package. Keep on sharing your God's blessings to us and all the readers, it inspires us a lot.

  3. Congrats with the new job! Such wonderful blessings! Happy for you :)

  4. @einz: thanks! cheers! :)
    @czarjeff: wow ur reading my blog, im really touched. that is because nothing is impossible to Him. God knows our situation and He's faithful to His promises.
    @aimee: hi mommy aimee! thank you so much :) hope we could bump into each other 1 of this days :) kisses to tala!

  5. ei!!! congrats on your new work...hope you can blog more like before!

    Take care!

  6. so touched! yeah God is really good! and he answer your prayer perfectly.. you are well blessed indeed.