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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hello guys! Grabe I cant find the right words to start my come back post. I missed you all! Super miss na miss! As in miss na miss na miss na miss to the highest level! And syempre, I miss blogging! Suuupppeeeerrrr!!!

I was browsing my files in my USB and found the folder with my blog photos. Na sad ako bigla, ang tagal ko na pala talagang hindi nagbblog. There have been so many stories that I missed to share, so many unforgettable moments that I was not able to document. Pano na pag laki ni Mimay, wala na syang mababalikan na memories?! So with that, I made a decision to make my come back in the blogging world. I am doing this for Mimay and for our future children. So that they have something to look back when they grow up. Yung tipong something to talk about and reminisce during kwentuhan.

Promise, I will make time starting today. Kaya ko to. Tsaka na muna yang work, nakakasira yan ng bait. Choz!

It’s been almost 8 months since my last blog update. I was too drowned with work. Kinareer ko at kina-career ko ng so much so much to the point na I feel super tired na. But don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I don’t have plans of resigning from what I am doing now. Masaya ako, I love the people that I work with, I love my daily tasks na talaga namang very challenging, I love my bosses and of course I love Maxim. I just really have to know how to manage my time better. Di ba sabi nga ni Sophie Kinsella Never give up on something you really want. However impossible things seem, there's always a way”. Yan ngaun ang motto ko. Although it looks very impossible to squeeze in blogging with my super loaded daily to do’s, there will always be a way. And I will find that way. Wish me luck guys ha?

I honestly don’t know how to collate my thoughts yet. Hindi ko alam ano ba una kong ikkwento sa inyo. Bear with me ha? For sure, on my first few posts sabog sabog pa kwento ko.

Let me end my first blog entry for 2013 with this kirempot photo from me and my unica hija. This was taken last weekend during our post valentine celebration.

Watch out for more of Mamee Wifey Babblings! Please stay tuned =)




  1. haller!!!! you're back na nga...miss your blog kwentos. And I can so totally relate...had my first blog entry for 2013 last month...and yun, di pa nasundan. hahaha.

    tama...let's us or we must find time! :D

  2. big girl na si mimay! minsan talaga sagabal sa blogging ang work eh no? :) welcome back,mamee nani!